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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Any website to play Online Poker on Mac?

Being a Mac user, I used to feel bad that I don't get a chance to play many of games which are not Mac compatible. Specially, when I had my hands on, online poker - I could not find a single good poker website online which is made for Mac.

But Mac poker site relieved me and glad to see that they have developed it for Mac users specially. You may want to check out the site The site is intended for Mac users who are fond of spending their time playing online games such as Pacific Poker, Fulltilt Poker etc. This is a website that gives Mac users the ability to play these various types of pokers.

The site should also be referred to as a "Mac and Poker" site because it is specially targeted for Mac owners interested to play online card games and get online casino bonuses. Besides allowing visitors to play online card games, the site also gives informative news and articles specifically on Mac and internet poker. So it sounds like the site would be an interesting online place to visit.

If you are visiting this site first time, you may not like the extensive use of flashy colorful images but I think this is the way Online poker website should be.
The important part is to make sure that the visitors find out easily what they are looking for and here you can be assured about it.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ducky Sachin Tendulkar and Sreesanth's Dance for Matthew Haydon

I was pretty excited today for this match which was the first match for Indian cricket team after winning the prestigious T20 World cup. Specially, when the series of matches is against the ODI World cup winner Australia.

But India Australia Match Called off Due to Heavy Rains in Bangalore. Australia played really well, specially Clarke and helped them to build the mammoth total of 307 and made it a difficult task for Indian team to achieve, specially when the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar got out for a duck. After just 4 balls after Sachin got out, heavy rains started and match needed to be abandoned. Sachin must have been thinking why rain delayed for 4 balls, could have saved him getting out for a duck at least.. LOL!

In today's match, I liked the moment of Matthew Haydon losing his wicket to Sreesanth. Did you enjoy Sreesanth's flying high after he has clean bowled Matthew Haydon in consecutively second match - I did.

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Used Cars can save a lot of money

I have never been a big fan of new cars, somehow I think buying new cars is putting a lot of money to depreciate. Invest money in new cars only when it's really a requirement or you can always go for Used Cars and save a lot of money which can be used to invest anywhere else where it will double or triple like in stock market.

But saving money by buying used cars is not that easy. You need a lot of research and study to get an used car as per your choice and without any problems. For such hurdles, you can take help of online auto guidance what websites like takes care of.

It normally has guided search, and you can get search guidance by industry experts for all your questions, whether it's confusion between Sedan and Hatchback or Honda and BMW.

While searching for Used Cars, it's very important to see it's availability in your area. Here you can find great used car deals in your area delivered exclusively to you by some of our reliable and trusted local dealers. So isn't it a better idea to search for Used Autos by state and metro. You already got it there.

I liked an innovative tool over there called "Decision Drivers" which will help in deciding which used car to buy? This tool will drive you in the right direction. Check out the Book Values by Kelley Blue Book to figure out if a used car you like is priced right.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Open letter to Shoaib Malik - Pakistan Skipper

Mr Shoaib Malik,

We have been Pakistan team's matches in this T20 world cup and has due respect for your performance and coming up with spirit with all young Pakistani boys.

When we realized that the final would be between India and Pakistan, our lungs were filled with excitement. We wanted to experience the thrill of playing with the traditional opponent.

Though you have played a great game and have given a tough fight, you have unwittingly revealed your thoughts in your gratuitous thanks to Muslims all over the world. Don't you think you have been immature enough now to show the world your thoughtlessness.

Don't you think that you have taken all the Muslims all over the world for granted. I partly agree that they might be loving you as a good player... but I am certain that there are many Muslims in India who support home team because we always have a healthy representation of Muslims and other minorities and a showcase for India's secular society.

Can you answer this legitimate question even,
Why would Shoaib think, then, that the Muslims of the world were collectively rooting for the Pakistan team or that they felt let down by its defeat? Did he stop to think of how Danish Kaneria, his Hindu team-mate, might feel hearing his Test skipper all but declare that the Pakistan team is a Muslim team that plays for the Muslims of the world?

I don't have much to say that suggesting you to grow up and be mature. Don't mix cricket with religion or you not gonna go anywhere dear!

Avid Cricket Fan

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Co-operative Bank Credit Cards

Co-operative Financial Services (CFS) is part of The Co-operative Group, the UK's largest consumer co-operative. They have come up with line of credit cards for every individual.

They made sure that each individual has a credit card for his own needs. I might be looking for something which will provide me 0% on purchases as I do shop a lot. But when the bank is providing me balance transfer for 6 months as well, it's more than what I expect.

See this type of card they provide, the credit card earns money for your chosen organisation as you keep on spending on that credit card.

I would make sure that I am applying for the credit card from a company which is reliable and has good respect in the society.

I am glad to say that Cooperative bank is not only ahead in business but also liven up to the expectation from people for it's work for social cause. The Co-operative Bank has created a special $50m (£25m) fund in order to support the development of small businesses in some of the world's poorest countries. I would feel proud to have credit cards from such bank.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shame on Communal Riots in J&K

I thought everyone will celebrate the Indian magic on 24th Sept when India beat Pakistan in the heart throbbing match. But never that there would be communal riots on cherishing these moments.

Thirty people were injured on Tuesday when Hindu organizations protesting the beating of their community members by another group while celebrating India's victory over Pakistan in Twenty20 World Cup clashed with police.

Police fired in the air and used teargas to quell the demonstrators in Rajouri district.

A rally of over 1000 people was taken out by VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS and BJP in Rajouri city to protest against the incident and alleged high handedness of the police in beating the community youth in Rajouri town, official sources said.

Trouble started on Monday night soon after India won the match as some persons belonging to a community pelted stones on a group of people of the other community who were bursting crackers to celebrate India's victory over Pakistan.

I don't know when these people will grow up and think beyond communities - I don't understand why they can't think only about the COUNTRY than anything else. Hopeless fellows!

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Pay Day Loans and Cash Advance Loans helps people get instant cash right to their checking account. It's 100% safe, secure and instant. Choose from among the best providers on the net.

Pay day loans are small and short term loans which do not require any credit checks of the consumer. Think of a situation when you need to make an emergency payment to anyone, or to hospital and you are short of money in your account when you actually need it. Have you ever experienced being bankrupted for the month because of few other urgent expenses. In such situations if you are asked to go through a long process of checking your credits, bank balance etc just to get a small amount of cash advance then there is nothing more irritating than that.

In such situations pay day loans comes to our rescue. is one of the companies that provide cash advance loans. This company only requires that you are a employed major and you receive at least a monthly payment of $1000 per month. However when you are applying for the loan or when they are providing you with cash advance, no balance is required in your account. As per them, you will need to fill up a free online application and within few hours only a representative would call to confirm your details. And within a day your cash is credited into your account. Check out with them or their FAQ section for more details.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

India is World Cup Winner back again after 24 years

What a day I spent in front of TV. The match was supposed to be start at 5.30 pm and I was home already with my friend... with the snacks and cold drinks, with heart full of excitement and eyes starving to see the Indian boys coming to the field.

I have hardly see cricket matches and I think lately this was the best match I have seen full of excitement where India wins at the end - true! I have seen India playing most of the matches full of excitement where Indian team loses at the end.

This match was special - as it was against Pakistan. I could remember the day when India had beaten Pakistan in world cup semi finals. I have seen the roads full of crowd, people going in their cars and vehicles - no one wanted to sit inside it looked like. Everyone was greeting each other whether they know them or no.

And I can imagine, this must be the same thing going on the streets today.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Right Shoping Cart Software for Right Business

You want to sell something online, make it bigger, bigger like a business? Be ready to pour a lot of energy and time online. That's not enough, get help of right software and services online to get the business growing with right speed.

eCommerce, as everyone getting in today, is something you think of if you want to sell the stuff online. But the measure headache is how to manage the procedure of visitors buying your stuff, and paying you online. Would not you like to give a professional feel to this process. Have a shopping card in place, let users add the stuff in there, let them edit it as and when they want and then proceed to payment. It sounds interesting I know.

But you need to take help of right shopping cart software in this case which will help you to present various products and categories on your website.

This web based software I mentioned, will help you to establish a shopping cart for your online store and also accepts all type of payments. If you want to try this customizable software, take the benefit of 10 days free trial at the website.

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Reliance Natural Stock Going Places

I am amazed with the speed Reliance Naturals in running in stock market right now. It has gone up 30%+ on last Friday and today it's 22% up again.

Reliance Naturals has a future lot of 70000 shares. If you would have bought one future lot on Thursday, you would have made 1.4 Laks on Friday and 1.2 laks today. This stock could have earned you more than 2.5 laks within a day on only one future lot. Amazing!

This shows me how important it is to time the stock market. I am keeping track of this stock now, and let's see how it goes this week.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Want to Buy Dell Laptops

I am fed of my desktop now and actually planning to buy a portable system, because it just helps me to be online anywhere I would like. I am thinking to buy a laptop - Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop. Let me tell you buying a laptop is a big task in itself. I wanted to buy a Dell laptop since long and I drilled down to these because of my past experience with Dell laptops and the cheaper price.

The Dell laptops are starting from £349.00 and I don't think you would anything cheaper and better deal than this in laptop deals. You check out the latest models in dell laptops and you would find pretty good models with different features. I have choice of Dell inspiron 1501 laptop, Dell inspiron 6400 laptop and Dell inspiron 1720 laptop; and I zeroed down to Dell inspiron 1720 laptop due to it's features.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Sophisticated way of begging

Now what would you think about this? I would call it as a sophisticated way of begging. The smileys anyways tell you that he is lying and this is not true. But just as a fun, it's pretty interesting way of begging.

I had seen such people begging in Manhattan, NYC asking for a beer. If I get that pic, I would drop one here as well.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Asia Travel Blog

You have been reading a lot about traveling to different world tourist places in here recently. I have taken you to Sydney, London, Melbourne. But still I have not made this blog as exclusive blog on travel though I write a lot about destination, hotel bookings but still won't you like to browse a dedicated blog on travel.

I have come across a travel blog dedicated to asia travel news. You would not only get to read about favorite destinations in Asia but also travel stories in asia and hotel stories in Asia as well.

The very first thing I observed about this blog is it's coverage of stories on Asia. It has been recently writing about best beaches, tips like what you have to do if You Are Trapped On An Island, best make out spots in Sydney. It has impressive design and the blog has gained good traffic in short time, at least the Alexa ranking tells me that.

Certainly, the blog is becoming a one time stop for travel in Asia and close by countries.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Don't copy if you can't paste

There is nothing like "moral of the story" type posts. Specially when I like story telling. So this is what happened at a training program for top management.

A well-known motivational speaker, gathering the entire crowd's attention,
said, "The best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman who wasn't my wife!"

The crowd was shocked!

He followed up by saying, "That woman was my mother!"

The crowd burst into laughter and he gave his speech, which was well received.

About a week later, one of the top managers who had the training decided to use that
joke at his house. He tried to rehearse the joke in his head, but it was still a bit foggy.

He said loudly, "The greatest years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman who was not my wife!"

Naturally, his wife was shell-shocked! After standing there for almost 30 seconds trying
to recall the second half of the joke, the manager finally blurted out, "... and I can't remember
who she was !"

As expected, he got the thrashing of his life time .... :))

Moral of the story: Don't copy if you can't paste.

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Plan your visit to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

In last post, I assured about taking you to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane - three beautiful cities in Australia. I know your taste better now, and I know where should I take you to in Melbourne. If the plan is up for now, there are couple of events which are hard to miss out. The fourth annual Melbourne Winter Masterpieces brings two cultural blockbusters to two great arts venues and both shows are exclusive to Melbourne. We can see more than 85 works by 68 artists, including Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, in this more than exclusive exhibition. And don't miss to check out over 500 sketches, paintings, sculptures and storyboards from the studio behind Finding Nemo, Toy Story and The Incredibles. Irresistible isn't it? Just like these Melbourne Winter Masterpieces, we have irresistible exclusive packages for Hotels in Melbourne by

When you are traveling to Sydney from Melbource, they will also take care of your accommodation and give you exclusive packages for Hotels in Sydney as well - so that you would spend your time in enjoying secluded beaches bordered by national parks, long sandy beaches in quiet bays and plenty of coastline to explore than worrying about the best available accommodation.

Once we are done with Melbourne and Sydney, we would head towards Brisbane to check out the beautiful view of whole Brisbane city from Mt Coot-tha Lookout. Check out the curvy rivers, freeway lines and skyline. They have real cool cafe, restaurant to relax and enjoy food and lookout at the top.

Another one is huge Moreton Bay. Moreton Island on On Moreton Bay is famous place in Brisbane where you can feed even dolphins at the Tangalooma Wild Dolphin resort. Spend more time in enjoying the beauty of Brisbane city and be rest assured that your booking in Hotels in Brisbane would be taken care of by reliable resources.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Effective Commercial of Razor

I don't know where this razor was placed, may be on some football ground, cricket ground or public park or outside the city on high ways but the first time onlooker will check out the shaved area of the lawn. Ha! May be they have coloured or really cut the grass over there but it really look very clean and it's hard to believe that the razor won't have such cleaned shave for men.

This is example of one of those brilliant advertisement billboards. Must be Commercial of the year award some time in the past.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Visit to Barcelona and Madrid

As a regular traveller, I am fond of various events and fiestas around the world. Whether it's Australia, East Asia, USA or Europian contries - every country has their own events, festivals at different time of the year.

You would get to read today about two beautiful cities in Europe, that is Barcelona and Madrid. First thing I booked my tickets to Barcelona and second thing I booked Hoteles en Barcelona first and make sure my accomodation is taken care. Specially when I booked any Hotels in Barcelona through cheaperthanhotels, I got good discounts. Now tell you, what to expect in Barcelona.

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is a cosmopolitan Mediterranean city that incorporates in its urban street pattern Roman remains, medieval districts and the most beautiful examples of Modernism and 20th century avant-garde art.

You will enjoy Barcelona's Mediterranean character, which can be clearly felt on the Costa del Garraf as well as the Maresme coast. In addition, the city has beautiful urban beaches, marinas, and seafront golf courses. Nature lovers will not need to travel far to be able to hike through the hills that are part of the coastal mountain range and the Catalan Pyrenees.
The region of Madrid lies right in the middle of the Spanish mainland bordering Castile-La Mancha and Castile and Leon. Beautiful eh!

When I am heading to Madrid from Barcelona, again Cheaperthanhotels helped me to book Hotels in Madrid with special discounts and free facilities and took care of my accomodation.

Madrid, Spain's capital, is a cosmopolitan city. Its position as a centre for economics, finance, administration and services combines the most modern infrastructure with an important cultural and artistic heritage, the legacy of centuries of fascinating history.

You as a Visitor can enjoy the sun, go for walks, go rowing or feed the squirrels in Madrid's large, impeccable parks and gardens.

Madrid's happening nightlife is another major attraction for you. Its pubs, bars, discos and flamenco clubs have a tremendous atmosphere, while by day there are traditional verbenas (open-air dances), popular festivals or the San Isidro bullfighting festival - rated as the world's most important.

Hope you enjoyed the trip to Spain! Let's go to Syndey next time.

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Smoking is Injurious to Health

What a better way to explain this small and critical warning for your health. Having such ad placement at the back of any Bus will certainly reach to 1000s of people in short period of time.

And imagine the positive impact of the extra polluted buses in your country ;). More smoke, more impact of this commercial.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

London Online Community For Job Seekers

When we want to search something in our city, we usually take help of local news paper classified ads. But searching anything as specific over Internet may not give out very specific results. In such scenarios, a site like "London Classifieds" is a great help.

London's Online Community is nicely organized site with proper categories defined. This makes you look for the exact things you wanted.

What I liked most in this online community is the category for London Jobs, and numerous domains it lists in this category. If you are a job seeker, you can add a posting to advertise yourself. If you are an employer, you can add your advertisement here. You can also perform a search mentioning a keyword; the search returns you the exact result matching your criterion.
The postings are grouped by date, thus making it easy to look at the latest posts.

So, if you are looking out for jobs in London, or want to advertise for jobs available in your company, here is a helpful resource at your fingertips.

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Shame the Corrupt with Rs 0 - Eliminate Corruption at all levels!

There is this organization in Chennai, Fifth Pillar India that battles corruption. The movement called "Freedom from Corruption" launched in all 30 districts of Tamilnadu early this month and will make its Mumbai debut in Cities colleges and schools, said M Vijayanand, the president of Fifth Pillar India.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

London - My Dream Place to Visit

Visiting Great Britain, and specially London is always on my mind. I have heard a lot about London but never got a chance to actually get into the city. Why I am saying this, because I have stopped by in London few times on Heathrow airport but could not get into the city due to small time for stop over.

What's so special about London - It is full of history, heritage and culture, yet one of the most fast-moving, cosmopolitan cities on the planet. Don't you believe this?

My interest in Tennis gives me one more reason to visit London and check out the "Mecca of Tennis players" - Wimbledon. Wimbledon, most famous for hosting the annual tennis championships, is a charming place to visit at any time of year. Specially, when the season is going on.

If things are being planned, you would need to take care of tour planning and booking accommodation. While looking for Hotels in London, You need to be sure that you are getting the best deals. There are some websites which offer good deals like year round accommodation at prices usually far less than direct pricing with hotels. The best thing is their offers often include free extras, such as breakfast, free meal and use of amenities.

Though I don't have any plans to visit any other places other than London in my first visit, I would surely check out other places if I get better deals for Hotels in Manchester. I have heard a lot about Manchester art gallery which has one of the country's finest art collections in spectacular Victorian and contemporary surroundings.

Birmingham palace is another place, which I would surely like to visit. By the way, I forgot to tell you that, Cheaperthanhotels has good offers going for Hotels in Birmingham, if you ever decide to visit the famous Birmingham palace.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Nice Advertising Idea for Fitness Company

Some advertisements are real smart. Just check this one from a Fitness company. While everyone dealing with fast life and no time , this will certainly attract lot of customers with innovative idea of advertisement.

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Traveling to Australia for RiverFestival

Continuing with my travel place reviews, I would post few more details on traveling to Australia, specially to Brisbane and other cities.

If you plan to visit Australia anytime, you would always find some or the other festival going on. Right now, Riverfestival 2007 is the main attraction. The 10 day Riverfestival has begun! Along with your other travel plans, it's important here to keep the road closures and best vantage points in mind when planning your QBE Riverfire experience.

You would love to visit and watch the Brisbane International Boat show; From tinnies to yachts and everything in between, the Brisbane International Boat Show is a great day out for mariners and dreamers alike.

If everything is planned, you would need to take care of tour planning and booking accommodation. While looking for Brisbane Hotels, You may go for Cheaperthanhotels Australia who offers year round accommodation at prices usually far less than direct pricing with hotels. The best thing is their offers often include free extras, such as breakfast, free meal and use of amenities.

Cheapherthanhotels will also help you to book cheaper accommodation in Sydney Hotels and Melbourne Hotels. The range of accommodation they offer covers serviced apartments which represent excellent value, compared to hotels.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Something wrong with Domain-Pop Link Checker tool

Recently I observed that Link Checker tool at is acting weird. I had mentioned previously that this is one of my favorite page rank tools. Till last 2 days, it was showing me 5000+ back links to Life is Colourful blog but suddenly it shows only 147 back links.

I have observed that it's not considering the back links measured by Yahoo search engine. Where as the link checker tool at Link Vendor shows me 8000+ back links for the same domain. I would be shocked if this tool also shows me back links only in 3 digits. Will be difficult for me to come over this shock then.

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