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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Environmental Compliance through EDSG

I have been sent this website by a friend who is dealing with environmental compliance and all. And he wanted me to look at this EDSG website. Hmm, so it's time to review the website of EDSG or Environmental Data Solutions Group LLC. Well, what exactly this company does is, it uses IT technologies to increase the efficiency of it's clients in the field of environmental health and safety.

Some of EDSG's clients are Hewlett Packard, GE, and Pfizer. For the companies to improve environmental compliance, EDSG provides good technological solutions through their EHS Compliance Software.

Where EDSG will be of help for your company? Good question! So they will help you out in the business’ requirements, identifying the gaps, designing a suitable Information System and also providing services in the EHS Software Implementation.

Chemical inventory management, risk management planning, spill prevention planning, emergency response planning, air permitting, audit program development and waste management are some of the compliance services they provide. Probably something interesting for you if you are working with your company's environmental compliance department.

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