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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cheapest Web Hosting Service

When we want to start our own website, we all need good web hosting service. I am not thinking to start my own, but I am surely interested in the web hosting domain which is really interesting one. So here are few deals I came across.

DreamHost web hosting is most interesting deal and claims to offer an amazing range of powerful web hosting features, they offer storage space of 20GB, and a full Terabyte of transfer, both of which increase weekly (by 160 MB and 8 GB, respectively). They also give you full hosting of unlimited multiple domain names and multiple sub domains on one account and a free domain name too and MySQL databases, CGI, PHP5, Ruby on Rails, SSI, Jabber chat server and numerous email accounts along with CVS servers!. No Set up fees for yearly prepayment. Also they have the 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee. It is the best web hosting deal.

Normally you get promo codes for such web hosting services. We have this DreamHost web hosting discount promo code which will give you a discount of $50. The promo code is LIC50. You need to enter it in your optional promo code box before finalizing your payment, and you will get a discount of $50. Update: One more full discount promo code is available for our users, LIC97
which will give you $97 discount (max) in your web hosting account purchase.

Another one is, They provide 75GB Webspace (and you get 5 GB extra on adding any promo code which can be available on searching a bit on google), 1.1 Terabyte (1100 GB) monthly transfer, free domain included for life, Hosting of Unlimited Domain names and Free Setup for no Fee. This all is for $7.5 per month which is like $90 per year. The benefit of is 75 GB space with less bucks than what DreamHost charges $119.40. But yes, the DreamHost promo code LIC50 of $50 off surely gives you edge to have the DreamHost package in around $70.

One more web hosting service I have come across, here is Comparison of Canaca Web Hosting Plans. If you go for 24 months' term, you get 160 GB of Storage space, 1200 GB Bandwidth traffic, Host upto 4 sites, Unlimited email account, free setup in $7.95 per month. But $10 for domain name is separate cost (I think we can get cheaper domain name at and use it than the domain name here). If you go for same plan but 12 months' term, then this plan is bit costlier ($9.95 per month).

Now you decide!