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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beautiful Ceiling Fans Online

Life is Colorful blog is all about different interesting things in life. Have you observed ever that we have so many things around in our day to day life, which we rarely notice. What? You say you do..? Can I ask you which brand of fan you use in your living room? Isn't it interesting that you have so much of variety in fans which decorate every room of our house.

I could not stop myself but praise the variety of ceiling fans available online. I noticed this when I had started looking for cool ceiling fans online. Out of few of the top search results, the distinctive ceiling fan designs and lighting options of Craftmade ceiling fans pulled my attention. Not only those, but hunter ceiling fans which give elegant look to your living room.

Surely all the available designs were attractive enough but I was mesmerized by these fanimation fans - not only me, my wife also liked them. [It shows our liking matches ;)]. Just look at the beautiful and some out of the world designs. You will believe it when you check out the Palmetto design, isn't it too good?

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Accenture - Innovative Way to Convey HR Policies

You might be aware of Accenture being a big MNC organization. When it comes down to company policies, not only this organization but most of the organization find difficulties not on deciding the company policies but on implementing them.

But Accenture is conveying the policies in an innovative way. So employees understand the importance of policies without actually forcing them.

Check out the two pictures below to see what Accenture HR group has done

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Take Online Tuitions for Difficult Subjects

I got an opportunity to visit a new concept online. You have been dealing with online banking, online gifts etc. but I really liked the concept of online tutoring. The reason is simple, it will save lot of efforts for parents and they can monitor their young kids from home and get them quality education and tutoring with the help of online tutor like tutorvista.

I have found many difficulties in my childhood in difficult subjects like math where you really need some guidance at certain points, and also Algebra. You must have observed that rest of the subject, students might pass with self-study and without anyone's help but Math and Algebra will be a bit difficult for them.

It's not only about these homework help in these difficult subjects, but in today's competitive world, every student tries to pass through special exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL etc and it will be certainly necessary for them to get proper guidance for these exams.

TutorVista is offering their online tutoring services for $99.99 per month only. And if you would like to take benefit of their current offer, you would get unlimited tutoring for $24.99 first month only. I believe it's a very good offer to grab.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trustedplaces - Great New Community

Trustedplaces is a great new community web site where you can share your opinions on places that you know, trust and recommend - or even avoid - with all of your friends and their friends too.

With all these social community websites coming up, Trustedplaces shows some uniqueness above all. We just wanted to bring this to our visitors in London, so that they can take benefit of it.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Online Trip Planning

As you have been reading my liking about vacation travel and reviews about various travel related websites, here is one more I come across today.

You know, planning is needed everywhere, whether it's a short distance travel or long distance - and that's what will make your journey smooth, and vacation travel worry free. When I would go for a travel, I would like to plan the trip properly with the help of good trip planner to avoid anything which will make me uncomfortable and I hate suddent changes in itinerary or routes.

Now just check what all is required for a perfect trip planning.

  1. First you need make your itinerary - Just perfect. You can decide your desitinations, routes, halts your desired dates
  2. Now when you work hard on planning all this, you would need to add as much as information you get about your destinations. It may have some online website links, photos, reviews of the place by other travelers, isn't it?
  3. Once you are done with your planning, just share it with all your friends and family members who gonna join you in the trip or who may not be even joining but good to share with them.

These are just few milestones in your trip planning and believe me, your trip will be the sweetest one. I am using this online trip planner for my convenience. You may check that out too.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Online Tutoring with TutorVista

It gets difficult for me to write about something like this, as I neither have kid nor any younger siblings to really get personal experience of it except my own few years back when I was doing my schooling.

Those days were all different, you had to go to tuitions physically and Internet was not spread so much. But today's tutoring is different in that way. You need not go out and attend the tuitions after hectic school hours, but just be at home in your comfort zone and take Online Home Work Help

It's good for everyone and not only for school going kids. Someone of your friends must be preparing for special exams such as SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP, GED, CAHSEE/STAR, GMAT, GRE TEST, NY Regents, TOEFL Test, IELTS; In fact you can get good help by Tutorvista's special online tutoring.

And hey did you check this offer?? You can get unlimited online tutoring for your first month for only $24.99 in all subjects!! Simply irresistible.

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My Favourite PageRank Tools for Search Engine Optimization

If you write a blog or have a website and trying to popularize it, certainly you would like to check for who all are linking back to you on the world wide web. This is how Search Engine decides how popular you are on the web. And if you are just starting, you can try build the backlinks and be ready to spend few bucks for that initially.

I always like to check the backlinks, and recently found a very good pagerank tool, Free Backlink Checker. It gives details on the Link popularity, IP popularity and Domain popularity. Certainly it has some limitations like maximum of 2000 records or you can get the latest report once in 5 days, but easily ignorable drawbacks. But then I always love to get the report and sort the backlinks with pageranks, so I would know who are there to help to build my PR ;).

I realized one thing here that backlinks from many blogspot blogs came from same IP umbrella. So it is a good idea to spread your link building across the web with sites / blogs hosted on different IPs rather than from blogs under same domain like blogspot.

Similarly Linkrain has also found one similar tool which helps you to check your backlinks. I am still evaluating this pagerank checker tool, but at first glance I did not find big difference, I might see something new as I keep on using it.

I also do like iWebtool's future page rank checker as well, specially when the Google pagerank update is nearing and am excited to see that my Life is Colourful domain is predicted to be PR5 in this coming update [Atleast PR4 :-S]. Anyways, we will also get to test this tool soon... so be ready if you would like to exchange some links with me.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Natural Health Products

We have been seeing a lot of surge in followers of natural products recently and we have a better option for them to start with for taking care of their health.

One website that I’ve recently came across is, or what they call it as OAW, and I was mesmerized by the wide range of natural health products they have meeting very high standards in terms of quality and effectiveness. You will find wide range of products for cold and flu medications to skin care, water purification, and vitamins, and all of them are 100% natural.

So why Natural medicines are becoming one of the most popular health solutions today is a good question to take a loo at. People are becoming more and more conscious about the harmful side-effects of certain drugs that are used in manufacturing synthetic medicines like antibiotics, drug-derivatives, etc. And that's why there is tremendous increase in the demand for natural health products which assured you no side-effects. You can also find some very good places on the internet which provide comprehensive knowledge about natural health supplements and products. One of such places worth reviewing here is provides information on various natural heath supplements and natural health related topics. They have got a huge article section where you can find a lot of valuable information on natural health solutions. The site also features many great natural heath products which you may sure want to take a look. In other words, provides an up-to-date education on natural health to its visitors. They also provide many great natural health solutions and you can even seek for a private consultation from their experts on natural health care solutions and products. So be aware of these natural health solutions than dealing with side effects, and Stay Healthy!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Am I reviewing for $50 Review Contest - Absolutely No!

How do I know this guy at "The review Blog" is pretty interesting. He was one impressive guy whom I met on DP. I recently offered first five people, a free link in a lively link bid directory, who reply in my thread. He missed the bus just by few minutes, but did not care about it by offering me $1 by paypal to include The Review Blog in the directory [1/3rd of which cut as paypal fees though.. lol]. I really liked his attitude that moment, while another DP member tried to play smart with me the same time. Anyways, it's a different story all together.

When I entered his website the first time in my life today, I checked categories, and directly went to his Reviews. I realized that he reviews damn anything on this earth for mere $5 and when it comes down to reviews, he does not seem to be a lazy bum just throwing couple of words here n there, picked from somewhere. You can expect some honest reviews from him.

So I approved his link and later was checking out his blog. My visit proved to be a no-bounce visit [bounce visits are those when your visitors only check your homepage and go away] - and why it should be? The blog design is enough attractive with pleasant colors, and the posts are well written. There may be some mistakes at few places, but who cares! At least I don't, when there is something good to read.

If I would have been visiting him since last couple of months, I would have surely missed him writing for 10 days while he was away on a long tour. That's the post where I started reading, and went on and on and on. I browsed through little bit full categories [at least more than 3-4 posts - this blog is a bit new blog so please hold on till you see 30-40 posts in one category - he would surely do it] and liked the way he reviews.

Looking at his overall writing style and blog placement, I feel he must be following some master bloggers. The "buy me a coffee" stuff at the end of post reminded me John Chow's blog and few others. But yes, The review blog seems to be ready for an uplift in blogosphere, specially when he started holding a review contest and motivating fellow bloggers to write about his blog.

Just a thought came in my mind, if he wants to see himself as one of those top notch bloggers, he can try something different along with following the "success mantra" given by Blogging Gurus and reserve his place in the top rank. All the best dude!


Monday, August 06, 2007

Read my Review of Paid Blogging Services at

I have been asked by Jason to write a guest post and it motivated me to write about something which I am taking interest recently in. I am always fascinated by the online advertising domain, may be because that was the first domain I worked for in my professional life.

Slowly online advertising domain interest expanded to wide horizons and reached to a level where I started taking interest in various money making ideas. I may not be even part of any, but still I was just excited to check them out, review them and pass the information on to fellow bloggers or friends.

Recently I have been using few of these services and posted the review of paid blogging services at Jason's Jakeldaily blog. Thanks Jason for the opportunity.

There was some reason to post at Jason's blog - First thing is I love his blog. You may or may not, but I do - different perspective you know. Second thing is, his blog has good reach to blog reader community. But I don't want to get the one-way benefit, so I am linking back to his blog - so eventually my readers also will get to know about one of the good blogs online.

Let me know if your thoughts match with mine!


Visit to Brisbane

Little more than a month back, I had posted about my wish to go to various beaches and places all over the world. But it's not so easy friend. Specially when you are not borne with golden spoon in mouth and need to look at your bank balance periodically. But yes, that said surely we can visit couple of places abroad in a year, not bad though!

Recently, I am thinking about Brisbane. Now when I repeat my wish to be on beaches most of the times, you must be wondering why this suddenly! Well, not any particular reason. May be the hot spots in Brisbane and help in getting Cheap Hotels in Brisbane.

I know you are being very impatient to learn about hot spots in Brisbane. I tried to add few places which I like to visit personally.

First of them is Mt Coot-tha Lookout. Who would not to view the whole of Brisbane city at a glance. See the curvy rivers, freeway lines and skyline. They have cool cafe, restaurant to relax and enjoy food and lookout at the top.

Another one is huge Moreton Bay. Moreton Island on On Moreton Bay is famous place in Brisbane where you can feed even dolphins at the Tangalooma Wild Dolphin resort.

This city also has botanic gardens like City Botanic garden and Mt Cool-tha botanic gardens. If you love animals and wildlife, you can also visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

And you thought what's their to visit in Brisbane. Don't think much, plan your trip this September and also enjoy the River festival. You would surely get cheaper Brisbane accommodation in September with the help of

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Donate your Car or Boat to help Homeless and Addicted Children

CarAngel is an organization which believes in supporting 1000s of children who have got addicted to drugs, alcohol and other bad habits, with the help of their fleet of outreach centers. The Car Donations which you make will be of great help to Carangel. This will certainly help the needy abandoned people, orphans and many others who need vehicles for transportation, one is not affordable for them. They only way for them is people come out and say i will Donate My Car. And be sure also that you don't need to worry of any of the consequences arising out of donating your car. Carangel will completely take care of everything.

There are very few people in the world who have privilege to be blessed with the ability to give than to receive. You must have been coming across donors at every stage of the life. Because they believe in donating more than they receive. You might believe in having that privilege to be blessed and think about donating your used cars or boars to these needy people. Here you don’t necessarily have to donate in the form of cash. You can donate your old cars to Car Angel and donate your old boats to Boat Angel. Both Car Angel and Boat Angel are charity organizations that channels the proceeds from the sale of the boats and cars to designated charities worldwide. Donors can even donate their boats to Boat Angel through the CarAngel site.

Today, it's really needed that people shall come forward who are having more than they require and help the ones who require more than they have.

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

I am buying Tech Mahindra Stock with Investment Horizon of 2 Years

Got this tip from a stock market friend and I decided to invest in Tech Mahindra stock. Well, here is some extract of the stock tip. See if you would like to be convinced and invest in it.

A roster of blue-chip clients and focus on Europe where growth prospects for telecom services are strong, make the company's stock a good investment option.

Investors can buy the Tech Mahindra stock with a two-year horizon considering the healthy growth prospects for its service offerings in Europe, its blue-chip clientele and status as an integrated telecom software player. The stock was marked down significantly during the recent meltdown in mid-tier IT stocks; investors can use this opportunity to buy.

The stock trades at 23 times its current year's earnings and is at a discount to other telecom software companies such as Sasken, as well as larger IT companies such as HCL Technologies and Wipro, making it a reasonable investment option.
Tech Mahindra broadly caters to three sets of clientele — telecom service providers (TSP), telecom equipment manufacturers (TEM) and independent software vendors (ISV). Its IT services offerings include application development and maintenance, system integration, product engineering, managed platforms and services, consulting, testing and BPO services, among others.


Friday, August 03, 2007

Recliners, Sofas and Mattress - All at One Place

This is the recliner we were looking for the comfort at our home once we come home tired from office everyday. This is not readily available at the place we live. But when I checked it on Internet, I come across this leather recliner. Me and my wife, always liked leather recliners with provision to hold our legs in comfort as well and probably that's the reason we liked this recliner on the left. If you are living at Houston, is the furniture store which offers the most comfortable and stylish recliners. Probably the best comfort available for your living room and house overall.

There are various recliners you can from wiz rocker recliners, glider recliners, feature leather recliners, chaise recliners, wood leg reclining chairs, swivel rocker recliners, swivel glider recliners, reclining chairs with ottomans.

But I want to enjoy the coffee or soft drink while I relax on my recliner, and yes they have those power lift recliners and motion furniture with cup holders on offer.

I am just surprised to see the variery of recliners, sofas and mattress they have in their online gallery. You can check it at Houston furniture if you want. Though I have just added one picture for the reference here, if you check the gallery of recliners, you would see many colourful recliners with plush comfort and which will fit anywhere in your living room. In fact, they have got inch away, wall huggers, wall saver and wall away mechanisms.

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