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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Use instead of Google's PageRank Now

Last few months have been roller-coster ride for bloggers because of Google's new decision of penalizing the blogs that do paid reviews. Earlier, the companies like payperpost used to use Google pagerank as a measure for advertisers to decide the quality blogs [they use it now as well but if it's really required], but now has come up with a new ranking system specially for blogs.

Here they would check out the backlinks for the blog on that particular day [probably given less weightage], traffic numbers collected everyday and rank your blog in their system.

How they collect the traffic numbers?
You would need to install a piece of javascript code from and that would start giving them traffic data about your blog and will help to rank your blog better in the system.

They also publish the list of Top 100 blogs each week, and they give away $1000 prize money for the top blog each week. Wow, that's cool! I wish I would reach to that levels one day and make $1000 in a week with them.

Forget about the prize for now, but signing up with them to add your blog and display the izearank in your blog would give a different boost to your rank and apparently convince your advertisers that you are a good quality blog.