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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

India Beats Pakistan in First Test - Hurray!

Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly relied on their vast experience to put India on the threshold of a memorable victory against arch rivals Pakistan with the hosts needing just 32 runs on the final day to clinch the first Test.

India ended an action-packed fourth day at 171 for three in 54.5 overs when bad light dropped early curtains on proceeding.

Earlier, spurred on by a near capacity holiday crowd, the home team took little over 17 overs to polish off the remaining five wickets to bundle out Pakistan for 247, leaving them with a moderate target.

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Pay Day Loans at Your Doorstep

Payday loans are basically nothing but a short type of loan for emergency needs of any person. It is an instant loan. So, when you need a payday loan, you can get it within hours. There are two more terms for Payday loans that are Cash Advance Loan and Check Advance Loan which probably you might not be aware of, so I am sharing with you here. Payday loans are returned on the payday of the borrower, along with the interest due.

Several online sites offer payday loans. You can easily find such payday loan providing websites. There are some sites, which do not check your credit history. So, it is very easy to get your payday loan. There is one good online payday loan service which offers nationwide loan approvals.

To get payday loan from them, Simply apply for the amount you want to get a pay day loan at It will at once give you the money you need within couple of hours at your doorstep.

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Kiran Bedi opting for voluntary retirement

I know that's not very good news. Because we have been looking upon her since so long and if she is seeking voluntary retirement, there must be something wrong.

She is the first woman IPS officer in the country appointed in 1972 and she has has sought voluntary retirement now in 2007. Here is something I can smell. When it was asked to her if she was upset with the government's reluctance to keep its reported promise to accommodate her in a top position in a para-military force, though she said, "That is not the case. My desire to work from outside the system made me take this decision." still it's not easily believable.

But anyways, we will atleast have her working outside the system though.


Completely Free Online Dating Service -

Well, first when I read about free personals website,; I did not believe as usual but then on someone's recommendation I decided to sign up with them and check out their worthiness. Signing up was pretty quick by selecting the login ID and giving some details about yourself so that people shall know whom they are talking to and how the person looks.

You can quickly add a picture as well. Do you know a fact here? On most of the dating sites, it has been observed that adding a picture increases your chances by 10 times that you get a date. I found this website pretty fast but at some places it messed up in GUI presentation - but that's okay as long as they have enough singles to date ;-).

Well, I am surprised to see that they had good number of singles registered. While checking out for my zipcode, I found tons of them and all of them were looking real singles. Whoaa! Somebody must use this website.


Supreme Court grants bail to Sanjay Dutt

The Supreme Court today granted bail to actor Sanjay Dutt, sentenced to 6 years imprisonment under the Arms Act in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case.

Sanjay was convicted under the Arms Act and sentenced to six-year jail term by the special TADA court on July 30 this year. He was taken into custody immediately after being sentenced and taken to Yerwada thereafter.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Califonia College - Training the next generation

This post is specifically for students or would be students in bay area. Now it's time to join college and I know searching the best college is a big pain, specially when there is no one to guide you.

I may not be the best person to guide you but I can at least suggest you some good stuff related to your education in California. Basically, whoever is looking for a California college or anywhere in Los Angeles area - there is a good choice available and that is Westwood college.

They have pretty much good campus locations in LA area and various degree programs for your choice. You can choose them as per your interest and eligibility. I think this LA College will be a good choice for your further education.

I must say they have ambitious goal that will help each individual's personal growth.
Our goal is to create a center of thought on the synthesis of design and business and to train the next generation of leaders in the rapidly changing business environment.
This is basically from Stephen Beal who was talking about the launch of MBA in design strategy course at California College.

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M F Husain plans to book entire theatre for Madhuri

The famous painter, a fan of Madhuri Dixit, has booked an entire show of Aaja Nachle in the UAE. Madhuri's comeback film hits the screens on Friday.

Ok, it's obvious. the lady has got it all — the smashing looks, that gorgeous smile, great acting talent, envious dancing skills. And though we are really looking forward to seeing her in Aaja Nachley , the rest of the cast can’t stop gushing about her.

While Ranvir Shorey wasn’t sure how to react when he first saw her, Kunal Kapoor can’t stop talking about her. The two are quite obsessed with our Madame M. Looks like she still has that effect on men, eh? Then who is M F Hussain here!

Buy your batteries cheaper at

I am very fond of music, and I love to listen to my favorite songs on my MP3 playes almost all day long. I have already got a bunch of rechargeable batteries for myself, so that I never run out of batteries. So, if you are looking for good quality batteries online, is the place! offers a wide range of batteries for almost all models of most popular brands of gadgets like laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, DVD players, Cordless phones, PDAs, Notebooks, Scanners, and what not! They also have a special Clearance Sale, where you might find the batteries you want at cheaper rates. They also offer free ground shipping for orders $50 and above. It’s easy to buy gadgets like music players, nice to flaunt them and use them but not so easy efficiently use them. One of the most important parts of a gadget is its battery. If the battery is damaged or it’s not efficient, then the gadget is as good as nothing. So, it’s very important that you choose good quality batteries for your gadgets. In my opinion, it pays to get an additional battery for your favorite gadgets, so that damage in one battery doesn’t stop you instantly from using the gadget.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Dating Portal for Gay and lesbian Community

I admire those people who believe in helping our society. It's not only about helping those communities where everyone else comes for help but for those ones as well, where some part of society don't accept to help at all. OneGoodLove has done a good job in developing a dating portal for gay and lesbian singles and helping this community to reach to their partners which are really meant for them only.

It's important for these people that they can find out the best partner for their dating needs. And they can achieve that here while going through all listed profiles. Signing up to this portal is no difficult task but more important is to take the scientifically developed proprietary test of oGL.

Their mission is erase the social stereotype of gays and lesbians date for promiscuity and bring these people together to find meaningful relationship at the end. Also, they have decided to give back to the community through donations to GLBT charities.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

One stop shop for Ink Cartidges

I got a new HP laptop and a printer along with. The printer worked well till the ink was enough inside, but when my printer was done with it - I got a question on where to buy it. Because I just did not want to believe any company to fill the ink for my printer's ink cartridges - may be just my possessiveness about my laptop and the printer.

My friend has suggested me to check out And that's where I stopped my search for hp ink cartridges I was looking for. They have such a variety of ink cartridges, and I chose HP C6656 out of the available choices because it was something I needed, with better pricing and good service commitments from

Carrot Ink not only has HP products but all the top name brands in the inkjet industry like Apple, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Xerox and many more. I would like to suggest you to check them out for your ink cartridge needs.

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Salsa Makes me Crazy! What about you?

Do you like to dance with me? Hehe, don't take me wrong - I mean with your husband or wife if you married or with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you are happy couple. I know some of you like to dance but very shy to do that because you have no skill to dance. But all these things gonna end now, and you would be as smart and skillful as others in Salsa dancing.

Now, I have great news for you and after this you can dance all styles like salsa, Bachata, Merengue and ChaCha. SalsaBootCamp.Com now is offering you have your online dance lesson from them.I said again online!.No need to go somewhere to learn because SalsaBootCamp will help for beginners, never-danced-a-step, 2 left-footers through Advanced-Intermediate dancers. If you are not confident with you can grab the 3 day free trial and try it by yourself. You just see a glimpse of what you will get to learn in there. Watch it dear!

It's worth being their member and opt for the 3 day free trial - because you’ll receive 3 SalsaBootCamp DVDs for free once you register with them. The teachers that will teach you are Evan Margolin AKA SalsaCrazy, Juan Gil, Alison Hurwitz, Tianne Frias, Felipe Martinez, John Santos. I think this is the one of best websites I have come across online recently. This website will certainly help you to get online lessons to learn dance because SalsaBootCamp.Com is over a dozen years in for teaching thousands of students. They have good enough experience so it's better to learn from them now.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Star in Home Loans and Refinance

There is a good news for home owners. The Federal Reserve has lowered the federal funds rate to 4.5%, so it's time to consider home refinance - don't you think so! Either you opt for lower interest home loan or you can take the cash differences to renovate your house.

If you plan to apply for home equity loan, I would suggest that you consider Modernlend which is pretty good service. They will let you view and compare all the lenders that can offer the home loan you are asking for. Each lender provides you with information about their programs. You can also review ratings and can chose which lender shall see your profile and contact you.

They provide information on current rates and insights on the home mortgaging and purchasing process , then allow the potential borrowers to request a loan on line through their web.

Their charges are low in the industries but without compromising the quality of it. Rather they outsmart others in some areas concerning your fund protection. They have the expertise to handle the entire business like old Captain of the ship.

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Top 3 Mobile Gifts for Holiday Season

It's festival time again. Festival season also means gifting time. And, so are you looking for some smart gift ideas to replace the sweets and chocolates.

How about some cool mobile gifts. But mind you, cellular phone gifts can be particularly tough to find - especially for the giver who might not be up on the latest mobiles. Here's some help.


IDLDPL’s latest quadband PDA, ASUS P525, offers an innovative solution business card recognition.

Simply click an image of a business card with its 2 megapixel auto-focus camera and it automatically converts the card details into an Outlook contact! It also has a 2.8” screen, 5-way joystick, push email, Wi-Fi support, MS Office features and Bluetooth connectivity. This one's for the with busy bees.

Price: Rs 22,490

Spice S-808N

For those with a mobile fetish, Spice Mobile's new S-808n can be an option. High on entertainment features, the S-808n comes with one-touch FM and MP3 player with upto 20 FM channels.

It has a 65k colours display TFT screen, 1.3 megapixel camera and 128 MB internal memory. It also offers features video recording.

Prices: Rs 6,299

HTC P3300

Here's one for the road warrior -- HTC's GPS phone P3300. It’s loaded with MapKing R12, the latest mobile mapping system, and boasts of superspeed LAN access too.

With a 128 MB built-in ROM, 64 MB RAM memory, 2 megapixel camera, FM radio and most MS Office programmes, it’s an ofiice-on-the-go!

Price: Rs 23,000

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fascination about Australian Cities as a Tourist

I have been always fascinated to visit Australia, probably since I watch cricket matches and specially India vs Australia. I have seen Australia many times, but mostly in TV programs and while they show it up during cricket matches. The beautiful scenes and places across Australia have always been a reason to visit Australian cities like Brisbane and Adelaide.

Now I have few friends settled in Melbourne, but when it comes down to Brisbane Accommodation, it will be a question for me. Probably, looking for cheaper hotel deals is the best option and tourism websites like helps a lot to find cheaper deals on Hotels in Adelaide and Brisbane.

When we talk about tour to these cities, you must be wondering what all you have to visit in there. Take Adelaide for example, it is called city of churches and for religious people, it will be a great opportunity to visit so many churches. If you are Arts and Cultures type of person like my wife, you would like to visit Adelaide in March when Arts festival comes every year. When it comes down to person like who is more into variety of drinks, I would certainly like to visit wineries around. This is not only enough but there is lot to enjoy like Tram ride to glenelg, Car racing and cruise the Ledgendary Murray River.

Just like Adelaide, Brisbane is also one of the beautiful cities in Australia and I am all excited to visit beautiful places in Brisbane like Moreton Bay. Moreton Island on On Moreton Bay is famous place in Brisbane where you can feed even dolphins at the Tangalooma Wild Dolphin resort. Spend more time in enjoying the beauty of Brisbane city and be rest assured that your booking in Hotels in Brisbane would be taken care of by reliable resources like

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Misuse of Vast Powers by Pune Police to Harass Bangalore Techie Lakshmana Kailash

This is a shocking case for techie people and anyone else in the country who believes law and order. The police can’t get away with a mere apology after they wrongly charging Lakshmana Kailash and putting him in jail for 51 days on the basis of a mistake.

On August 31st, Lakshmana was arrested from his Bangalore home by Pune police under Information Technology Act, 2000 for defaming Chhatrapati Shivaji by uploading denigrated pictures of Shivaji on Orkut. Of course, it's act of ill mentality many communities on Orkut has and they shall be punished.

But this does not entitle the cops to do such mistakes and harass anyone so easily. The cops may argue that they acted in good faith and the error was made by the telecom company, Bharati Airtel. But wasn’t the mistake compounded because of very poor police work? In fact, it is because of police sloppiness — or is it arrogance? — that the youngster has suffered this nightmare.

Currently, the law doesn’t allow for suing the police and other authorities for such mistakes. The law must be changed so that hapless people like Lakshmana can demand and get compensation for being gravely wronged. That will also force the police to be careful while exercising their vast powers.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Promotional Gift Ideas

A lot of my friends are in business now unlike me. Some people have chosen to go into business of clothes or some into business of software development. Few people joined marketing companies. And I keep learning new things about their business and domains.

I was especially interested in marketing jobs my friends are in. For marketing people and friends in business, communication is ammunition to make first impression about their company or products. When these marketing people visit their corporate clients, carrying promotional items along with them helps them to initiate the discussion with any client and go further to discuss about their company.

Such promotional products always help to Medical representatives for branding their company’s medical products across the medical community like doctors and hospital members.

I am not in both of these, but I am aware of the importance of right promotional products or items while you are in business and marketing and want to take your products and business ahead of others in the market. Basically it’s important strategy in business. As the festival season coming up, corporate gifts would be exchanged to make their business relationship stronger and grow together.

Such a small thing, but plays a major role in growth of your business!

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