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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fascination about Australian Cities as a Tourist

I have been always fascinated to visit Australia, probably since I watch cricket matches and specially India vs Australia. I have seen Australia many times, but mostly in TV programs and while they show it up during cricket matches. The beautiful scenes and places across Australia have always been a reason to visit Australian cities like Brisbane and Adelaide.

Now I have few friends settled in Melbourne, but when it comes down to Brisbane Accommodation, it will be a question for me. Probably, looking for cheaper hotel deals is the best option and tourism websites like helps a lot to find cheaper deals on Hotels in Adelaide and Brisbane.

When we talk about tour to these cities, you must be wondering what all you have to visit in there. Take Adelaide for example, it is called city of churches and for religious people, it will be a great opportunity to visit so many churches. If you are Arts and Cultures type of person like my wife, you would like to visit Adelaide in March when Arts festival comes every year. When it comes down to person like who is more into variety of drinks, I would certainly like to visit wineries around. This is not only enough but there is lot to enjoy like Tram ride to glenelg, Car racing and cruise the Ledgendary Murray River.

Just like Adelaide, Brisbane is also one of the beautiful cities in Australia and I am all excited to visit beautiful places in Brisbane like Moreton Bay. Moreton Island on On Moreton Bay is famous place in Brisbane where you can feed even dolphins at the Tangalooma Wild Dolphin resort. Spend more time in enjoying the beauty of Brisbane city and be rest assured that your booking in Hotels in Brisbane would be taken care of by reliable resources like

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