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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Go Mobile with your WAP site

Virgin Mobile has recently released a cool new program to encourage users to upload new content. People can create and make their own ring tones and wallpapers and others can buy them, and the original creator can earn some money in there - the creator gets paid for their creativity. This is a cool new service by Virgin Mobile to help expansion of Mobile Online.

For the people who already have a web presence with the help of websites can go mobile now with establishing a mobile website. And believe me, it's whole new market for online businesses. If your company hasn’t yet considered WAP site design, GoLive! Mobile can help you beat the learning curve by offering WAP site hosting and design. GoLive! Mobile offers turn-key packages to quickly set up a cost-effective, professional site. Their expertise not only includes site building and hosting, they can also help you monetize your WAP site using the latest mobile access technologies.

Simply GoLive! Mobile entirely focused on on creating access and delivering tools to adapt your business to the mobile space.

GoLive! Mobile also offer tools such as Mobile Billing, Device Profiling, which allows you to analyze statistics of your WAP site’s visitors by the handset and carrier used and Text-to-WAP. Along with these benefits, their solutions will not only give you the customer contact your business needs.

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