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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Energy Saving LED Christmas tree lights

The holidays are just around the corner and everyone is looking forward for the festivals that are fun times with family gatherings. The winter holidays are coming starting with Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Almost every family decorates the tree the weekend of Thanksgiving. There are nice big dinners and some nice music on and every one is busy decorating the tree with lights and various decorative stuff. But which lights we use on the trees, normal Christmas tree lights or LED Christmas tree lights and why? Something to think about.

LED Christmas tree lights use 80-90% less energy than incandescent lights which is just incredible saving of energy. And moreover the reuse of LED lights year after year - is one big reason to use these LED lights. offers a very nice selection of Christmas LED mini lights. They are good for the environment and as they explain in the FAQs.

Unlike incandescent lighting, LED string lighting is very durable and rarely fails. This is because LED lighting is constructed of solid state components which are not easily damaged by external shock. In fact, LED string lamps are encased in a nearly indestructible epoxy shell which has proven to withstand the weight of a tractor-trailer. Incandescent bulbs can be damaged or broken if simply dropped on the ground.

As we mentioned above as well, LED Christmas lights are much more efficient than incandescent lights. So make a decision of switching today, you will be helping the earth, and in the end you’re saving yourself a lot of money in the long run.

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