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Monday, October 22, 2007

Packet8 Virtual Office - Expect more than expected

As a hosted iPBX communications solution, Packet8 Virtual Office delivers high quality digital voice services and powerful features for small businesses and call centers, both alike. Not only the efficiency and the low cost is something to think about, but there is no on-site hardware requirements as well, as it is self-installable. So simply your business benefits from minimal start-up costs, reduced total cost of ownership, flexible service plans and complete scalability.

For Small Businesses, it brings many advantages like it will be cost effective as it does not require expensive equipment to install, and includes unlimited nationwide or global calling. It provides feature richness like Auto-Attendant, Advanced call forwarding, Outlook Integration, Integrated fax support. Probably very few systems you would find as versatile as this one looking at it's support to multiple geographic locations, adding lines and services as needed. And as easy to use as you can imagine - It provides Self-install or using their professional on-site support services and managing of extension settings online.

Well, someone searching for Business VoIP service or someone who is unsatisfied with the current internet business phone service, should certainly check Packet8 Virtual Office once. Their superiority of offerings, service and their low cost is well worth comparing against traditional phone service providers. It is amazing that their cost is so low after learning that Packet8 Virtual Office is rated the most popular business hosted VoIP service in the United States. You can talk to a virtual office expert right now to get you set up, or chat live with sales or support.

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