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Monday, October 15, 2007

Shiva Cement rising due to ACC's interest

Have you heard of this company? I had never, but it's rising up and up due to ACC's interest in increasing it's stake to 14.7% from existing 11.22% stake in this company. Now the share is only Rs. 12.89 today at the end of the day and today it hit upper circuit of 10% upward move.

I tell you, it's very important to find such companies and stay invested in these companies for years together and with lots of holding. I am sure it would give you more than 1000% returns in few years.

The same stock when you see hovering at 120-140, you would repent that you could have invested in this company then. Because I had seen similar case with Karuturi Networks in 2004, when it went past beyond my eye sight from Rs 24 to now Rs. 300 and more. Lesson to learn, hmm?

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