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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Traveling to New York

My New York trips have been always filled with excitement and fun. I have visited New York City almost thrice in a year and enjoyed every bit of my stay in Manhattan.

First visit went into enjoying the site seeing in New York City. Visits to Statue of Liberty, Empire State building or Times Square were memorable moments. New York is one of the biggest attraction to any travelers to USA.

One thing everyone would need to remember is the cost of living in New York City. It's very high compared to any other city in USA. When cost of living is high, of course hotel rates are going to be sky high. So while deciding the travel plans, it becomes necessary to find out good hotel booking service to make sure you get the best rates for New York Hotels.

Well, if you are pretty new to New York City, you can find the best deals on New York hotels at which sorts your hotel search results by popularity and also indicates on the New York city map to help you book a great hotel for your trip. You can also select a hotel to compare rates online, check the availability and find nearby attractions and restaurants.

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  • At 12:15 AM, Blogger The Bimbo said…

    Hey. chanced upon this entry. I would really love to visit New York one day... the home of some of my favourite TV shows... hehe :) Thanks for the tips!


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