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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Visiting Germany and Austria

This is the time to travel again. And this time let's go to Germany and Austria. The tour of Germany has many enthralling places to visit like Cologne Cathedral - one of the world's most famous architectural monument and in the list of World Heritage Site. Cologne Cathedral is also known for a Shrine of three kings. Or visiting places like glorious park, Tiergarten that is one the large park in Berlin. Simply don't miss visiting the Jewish Museum of Berlin. It is a typical of any other museum, because, it tells the story of Jewish people. This museum looks like a short sharp turns or angles from the top, which is commonly known as "blitz". You can stay here in one of the cheapest hotels in berlin to make sure that you don't spend much on stay in hotels. All hotels in berlin provide you 4 star and last minute accommodations in the Airport area at lowest rates to surf you anywhere in this region.

While you visit Germany, it would be a good idea to visit Vienna, Austria too. Vienna city is surrounded by Germany, north of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It is a capital of Austria which is is translated name of German word "Österreich". A big part of this city lies in cool zone of the world. Did you hear about Belvedere Vienna before? There are 2 glorious palaces on the Belvedere grounds which are situated at the middle of a splendid park. They were especially made for Prince Eugene of Savoy by J.L. von Hildebrandt, who was a famous Baroque architect.

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