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Friday, October 05, 2007

This blog is hosted on new domain name now

Have you observed that I hosted this blog on a new domain name, Find the casino. Well it's not something I intended to do, but then I realized that having a domain name for your blogspot blog has many benefits. Specially, if you want to make money from your reviews.

Fortunately, my friend had a PR3 domain name lying in his kitty which I did not use for long. I borrowed the domain name from him.

If you have observed you will see good amount of review posts on this blog, and many of the advertisers prefer to see the blog hosted on own domain name. The reason might be the new spammish blogs coming up for the whole reason of making money online. And hosting the blog on own domain name, gives a feeling of reliability and seriousness to the blog.

You might see the domain name little bit off track from the blog's concept but it would be more or less matching as well. Finally you make hell lot of money suddenly in casino when your luck strikes right? The same way, you have to keep your eyes open and be acceptable to opportunities in your colorful life so you need not to visit Casinos but find the luck right here in your life. What you think?



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