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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ducky Sachin Tendulkar and Sreesanth's Dance for Matthew Haydon

I was pretty excited today for this match which was the first match for Indian cricket team after winning the prestigious T20 World cup. Specially, when the series of matches is against the ODI World cup winner Australia.

But India Australia Match Called off Due to Heavy Rains in Bangalore. Australia played really well, specially Clarke and helped them to build the mammoth total of 307 and made it a difficult task for Indian team to achieve, specially when the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar got out for a duck. After just 4 balls after Sachin got out, heavy rains started and match needed to be abandoned. Sachin must have been thinking why rain delayed for 4 balls, could have saved him getting out for a duck at least.. LOL!

In today's match, I liked the moment of Matthew Haydon losing his wicket to Sreesanth. Did you enjoy Sreesanth's flying high after he has clean bowled Matthew Haydon in consecutively second match - I did.

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