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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

India is World Cup Winner back again after 24 years

What a day I spent in front of TV. The match was supposed to be start at 5.30 pm and I was home already with my friend... with the snacks and cold drinks, with heart full of excitement and eyes starving to see the Indian boys coming to the field.

I have hardly see cricket matches and I think lately this was the best match I have seen full of excitement where India wins at the end - true! I have seen India playing most of the matches full of excitement where Indian team loses at the end.

This match was special - as it was against Pakistan. I could remember the day when India had beaten Pakistan in world cup semi finals. I have seen the roads full of crowd, people going in their cars and vehicles - no one wanted to sit inside it looked like. Everyone was greeting each other whether they know them or no.

And I can imagine, this must be the same thing going on the streets today.

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