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Monday, September 17, 2007

Asia Travel Blog

You have been reading a lot about traveling to different world tourist places in here recently. I have taken you to Sydney, London, Melbourne. But still I have not made this blog as exclusive blog on travel though I write a lot about destination, hotel bookings but still won't you like to browse a dedicated blog on travel.

I have come across a travel blog dedicated to asia travel news. You would not only get to read about favorite destinations in Asia but also travel stories in asia and hotel stories in Asia as well.

The very first thing I observed about this blog is it's coverage of stories on Asia. It has been recently writing about best beaches, tips like what you have to do if You Are Trapped On An Island, best make out spots in Sydney. It has impressive design and the blog has gained good traffic in short time, at least the Alexa ranking tells me that.

Certainly, the blog is becoming a one time stop for travel in Asia and close by countries.

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