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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Open letter to Shoaib Malik - Pakistan Skipper

Mr Shoaib Malik,

We have been Pakistan team's matches in this T20 world cup and has due respect for your performance and coming up with spirit with all young Pakistani boys.

When we realized that the final would be between India and Pakistan, our lungs were filled with excitement. We wanted to experience the thrill of playing with the traditional opponent.

Though you have played a great game and have given a tough fight, you have unwittingly revealed your thoughts in your gratuitous thanks to Muslims all over the world. Don't you think you have been immature enough now to show the world your thoughtlessness.

Don't you think that you have taken all the Muslims all over the world for granted. I partly agree that they might be loving you as a good player... but I am certain that there are many Muslims in India who support home team because we always have a healthy representation of Muslims and other minorities and a showcase for India's secular society.

Can you answer this legitimate question even,
Why would Shoaib think, then, that the Muslims of the world were collectively rooting for the Pakistan team or that they felt let down by its defeat? Did he stop to think of how Danish Kaneria, his Hindu team-mate, might feel hearing his Test skipper all but declare that the Pakistan team is a Muslim team that plays for the Muslims of the world?

I don't have much to say that suggesting you to grow up and be mature. Don't mix cricket with religion or you not gonna go anywhere dear!

Avid Cricket Fan

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