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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shame on Communal Riots in J&K

I thought everyone will celebrate the Indian magic on 24th Sept when India beat Pakistan in the heart throbbing match. But never that there would be communal riots on cherishing these moments.

Thirty people were injured on Tuesday when Hindu organizations protesting the beating of their community members by another group while celebrating India's victory over Pakistan in Twenty20 World Cup clashed with police.

Police fired in the air and used teargas to quell the demonstrators in Rajouri district.

A rally of over 1000 people was taken out by VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS and BJP in Rajouri city to protest against the incident and alleged high handedness of the police in beating the community youth in Rajouri town, official sources said.

Trouble started on Monday night soon after India won the match as some persons belonging to a community pelted stones on a group of people of the other community who were bursting crackers to celebrate India's victory over Pakistan.

I don't know when these people will grow up and think beyond communities - I don't understand why they can't think only about the COUNTRY than anything else. Hopeless fellows!

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