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Monday, October 08, 2007

Tips to make a good resume [CV - Curriculum Vitae]

Here are some tips to make a good resume [CV - Curriculum Vitae]. This will help you to make the first impression right.
  • Ensure there are no Spelling mistakes.
  • Avoid using colour and fancy formatting.
  • Ensure there are no unexplained gaps in employment/education.
  • Career history should be in reverse chronological order.
  • Use bullet points rather than large paragraphs of text.
  • Detail availability.
  • Be positive, accurate, clear and concise.
  • Avoid waffling.
  • OMIT the use of 'I'.
  • Avoid repetition by explaining similar tasks once.
  • Use verbs to begin sentences such as Design, Establish, Create, Develop and Manage etc.
  • Keep the length of text relative to time spent with each client.
  • Give priority to more recent positions and reduce the volume as the years go back in time.
  • Don’t include referees details but state you can provide them on request.
  • Email a CV as a Microsoft Word document, alternatively ensure you use good quality A4 paper with quality printing if mailing by post.
  • Post out in A4 envelopes to avoid folds/creases.

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