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Monday, October 15, 2007

Backgammon Masters Software now available in 12 languages

You might have seen many online game communities or might have seen many of them. is home to also one of the largest community base of players participating in games and interacting with each other on the net while communicating via real-time chat.

Backgammon Masters Software to play backgammon now Available in Twelve Languages Including Chinese. They made it pretty easy to switch from one language to another. They are now available in Chinese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Japanese, English, Greek, Turkish, Spanish or Danish.

Having all of these major languages available to players makes the software globally user friendly because this feature enables thousands of them to play simultaneously on a single multi-language platform. They have incredibly large community of players from all across the globe and all these people participate in games like Poker, backgammon, Perudo and BlackJack.

Now they are not only stopping at 12 languages but the next languages in the pipeline are Italian and Russian. The increase in language base helps them to increase their userbase as lot of International users start participating and creating demands for more and more game tables. This is how this community is becoming more and more popular in online communities for games.

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