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Monday, October 22, 2007

Benefits of Reviewing Websites or Services

This evening, I am sticking to PPP - may be because there are some interesting opportunities coming up and I am trying to grab the best ones. Now how I decide the best ones - a high value, and interesting topic is basic criteria.

I tell you a fact - these review services really added up to my general awareness. Due to the basic reason of reviewing a website or service, I need to go through the service thoroughly and find out how exactly it works to actually review it. This not only helps me to review better but also add up in my general knowledge. For example, the post below on VOIP service. Though I am not a VOIP expert, I need to have some basic knowledge about it and at least should know who all provide such service. Reviewing such services will help me to have such service names at hand.

Also, I am now a days able to update my blogs much faster than before. Thanks to PPP's terms and services which enforce you should have one unpaid post between paid posts from any services. There are few review services which don't enforce this rule. But I support this rule, so that your blog is saved from being a matrix of paid posts only drifting away from the main topic of the blog.



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