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Monday, October 22, 2007

Enjoy Skateboarding with

When I landed up in New York City and joined the office, there was a trip planned by the office to Vermont. Vermont is the best place in North America for skating and enjoying snow if you like. You will experience the chilling temperature below -10 degrees.

Before I go to the skating trip, I did a lot of shopping from for skateboard clothing, skate pads and skate boards and many more things. The simple reason is to get it quickly and at affordable prize. They have some nice variety of skateboard clothing and accessories. Specially, I liked sweatshirts' collection they have.

I had never been to Skateboarding before, so I decided to watch some beautiful skateboard videos at their website to get a feel of how someone would feel below -10 degrees doing skateboarding. My first trip was a nice experience and I could fulfill it with the help of

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