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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Filmy Hero Became Villain in Real Life

Their love story has all the trappings of a blockbuster. When 19-year-old Konedela Srija, daughter of big movie star in South India, Chiranjeevi, married 22-year-old Sirish Bharadwaj against her family’s wishes, she knew it was not going to be easy.

Now that the court has come to their rescue, the couple is hopeful. Srija says,
We never wanted to elope, But, the circumstances were such that we had no choice. Both our families were against the match. But, now, that we are married, it is time to go back home
Srija and Sirish met four years ago. Srija remembers,
I was 15 at that time and he had just passed out of school, Initially, we were just friends but gradually we started liking each other

The couple was all set to get married when Srija turned 18. she says,
But, both our families got to know about our relationship and immediately stopped us from interacting. I was under house arrest for a year. It was a very painful period but we trusted each other, However, Sirish was preparing for our marriage during those days. She said On the day we were supposed to get married, I escaped from my house. It was after one hour of our wedding that our families came to know of it

Her father Chiranjeevi was very angry about their marriage initially. She says
I never looked up to my father as a superstar or an actor. For me, he is a very decent and nice human being. But, I feel that he should have understood my feelings. If he had, there would have been no problems

Now, after the intervention of the court, the families have said that they have accepted the union.

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