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Sunday, October 28, 2007

PR Drop of this blog due to moving to domain name?

I am not sure what's the reason but this blog's PR is dropped from PR3 to PR1. I doubt if changing over to a domain name from to affected this. Because the later domain name was lying around for some time in my bucket of domain names, and I thought I shall use it for this blog to make it hosted on a domain name.

Though it helped me a lot to get better reviews as many of the advertisers don't like to have reviews done by blogspot hosted blogs, I am little bit sad about the domain drop. The only reason behind adding this domain this blog was it's PR, which was PR3 before the recent google page rank update.

Now, I have one more task in my task list, getting up the PR of this domain back to PR3 and then PR5 :). Lot of work in hand, see you guys!

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