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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Completely Free Online Dating Service -

Well, first when I read about free personals website,; I did not believe as usual but then on someone's recommendation I decided to sign up with them and check out their worthiness. Signing up was pretty quick by selecting the login ID and giving some details about yourself so that people shall know whom they are talking to and how the person looks.

You can quickly add a picture as well. Do you know a fact here? On most of the dating sites, it has been observed that adding a picture increases your chances by 10 times that you get a date. I found this website pretty fast but at some places it messed up in GUI presentation - but that's okay as long as they have enough singles to date ;-).

Well, I am surprised to see that they had good number of singles registered. While checking out for my zipcode, I found tons of them and all of them were looking real singles. Whoaa! Somebody must use this website.



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