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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Califonia College - Training the next generation

This post is specifically for students or would be students in bay area. Now it's time to join college and I know searching the best college is a big pain, specially when there is no one to guide you.

I may not be the best person to guide you but I can at least suggest you some good stuff related to your education in California. Basically, whoever is looking for a California college or anywhere in Los Angeles area - there is a good choice available and that is Westwood college.

They have pretty much good campus locations in LA area and various degree programs for your choice. You can choose them as per your interest and eligibility. I think this LA College will be a good choice for your further education.

I must say they have ambitious goal that will help each individual's personal growth.
Our goal is to create a center of thought on the synthesis of design and business and to train the next generation of leaders in the rapidly changing business environment.
This is basically from Stephen Beal who was talking about the launch of MBA in design strategy course at California College.

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