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Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Favourite PageRank Tools for Search Engine Optimization

If you write a blog or have a website and trying to popularize it, certainly you would like to check for who all are linking back to you on the world wide web. This is how Search Engine decides how popular you are on the web. And if you are just starting, you can try build the backlinks and be ready to spend few bucks for that initially.

I always like to check the backlinks, and recently found a very good pagerank tool, Free Backlink Checker. It gives details on the Link popularity, IP popularity and Domain popularity. Certainly it has some limitations like maximum of 2000 records or you can get the latest report once in 5 days, but easily ignorable drawbacks. But then I always love to get the report and sort the backlinks with pageranks, so I would know who are there to help to build my PR ;).

I realized one thing here that backlinks from many blogspot blogs came from same IP umbrella. So it is a good idea to spread your link building across the web with sites / blogs hosted on different IPs rather than from blogs under same domain like blogspot.

Similarly Linkrain has also found one similar tool which helps you to check your backlinks. I am still evaluating this pagerank checker tool, but at first glance I did not find big difference, I might see something new as I keep on using it.

I also do like iWebtool's future page rank checker as well, specially when the Google pagerank update is nearing and am excited to see that my Life is Colourful domain is predicted to be PR5 in this coming update [Atleast PR4 :-S]. Anyways, we will also get to test this tool soon... so be ready if you would like to exchange some links with me.

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