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Monday, August 06, 2007

Read my Review of Paid Blogging Services at

I have been asked by Jason to write a guest post and it motivated me to write about something which I am taking interest recently in. I am always fascinated by the online advertising domain, may be because that was the first domain I worked for in my professional life.

Slowly online advertising domain interest expanded to wide horizons and reached to a level where I started taking interest in various money making ideas. I may not be even part of any, but still I was just excited to check them out, review them and pass the information on to fellow bloggers or friends.

Recently I have been using few of these services and posted the review of paid blogging services at Jason's Jakeldaily blog. Thanks Jason for the opportunity.

There was some reason to post at Jason's blog - First thing is I love his blog. You may or may not, but I do - different perspective you know. Second thing is, his blog has good reach to blog reader community. But I don't want to get the one-way benefit, so I am linking back to his blog - so eventually my readers also will get to know about one of the good blogs online.

Let me know if your thoughts match with mine!



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