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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Am I reviewing for $50 Review Contest - Absolutely No!

How do I know this guy at "The review Blog" is pretty interesting. He was one impressive guy whom I met on DP. I recently offered first five people, a free link in a lively link bid directory, who reply in my thread. He missed the bus just by few minutes, but did not care about it by offering me $1 by paypal to include The Review Blog in the directory [1/3rd of which cut as paypal fees though.. lol]. I really liked his attitude that moment, while another DP member tried to play smart with me the same time. Anyways, it's a different story all together.

When I entered his website the first time in my life today, I checked categories, and directly went to his Reviews. I realized that he reviews damn anything on this earth for mere $5 and when it comes down to reviews, he does not seem to be a lazy bum just throwing couple of words here n there, picked from somewhere. You can expect some honest reviews from him.

So I approved his link and later was checking out his blog. My visit proved to be a no-bounce visit [bounce visits are those when your visitors only check your homepage and go away] - and why it should be? The blog design is enough attractive with pleasant colors, and the posts are well written. There may be some mistakes at few places, but who cares! At least I don't, when there is something good to read.

If I would have been visiting him since last couple of months, I would have surely missed him writing for 10 days while he was away on a long tour. That's the post where I started reading, and went on and on and on. I browsed through little bit full categories [at least more than 3-4 posts - this blog is a bit new blog so please hold on till you see 30-40 posts in one category - he would surely do it] and liked the way he reviews.

Looking at his overall writing style and blog placement, I feel he must be following some master bloggers. The "buy me a coffee" stuff at the end of post reminded me John Chow's blog and few others. But yes, The review blog seems to be ready for an uplift in blogosphere, specially when he started holding a review contest and motivating fellow bloggers to write about his blog.

Just a thought came in my mind, if he wants to see himself as one of those top notch bloggers, he can try something different along with following the "success mantra" given by Blogging Gurus and reserve his place in the top rank. All the best dude!



  • At 12:32 PM, Blogger Ravi Singh said…

    Thanks Abhijeet . You could have asked for more . When i started the payment mode then I checked your status in Paypal and it was mentioned the Premier status at that moment i realised that you are not going to get full amount though ... But you have written a very descriptive review of my blog and I highly appreciate it. Now as you have done the review as well you are entitled in the draw of the contest .

    But you could have easily seen that this contest is not for $50 anymore but for $100 , and my friend you are in for that . Keep your fingers crossed and wait for few days when the results are out...

  • At 12:52 PM, Blogger Abhijeet said…

    Oh dear, it's not all about those lost pennies and the trade - otherwise how could I come across your blog and get a chance to review it!

  • At 1:15 AM, Anonymous AruntheACE said…

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