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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Raj Imports Pune - Great Shopping Experience

We had been going to Raj Imports since last 1.5 years I believe. Since we visited them first time, we kinda became regular visitor and customer for Raj Imports. We came to know about this shop by one of our Aunt and we thank her lot of times really. Now, Vasant bhai [A nice owner of Raj imports] also knows us very well along with the persons working there.

I thought to write about them, cause I have a habit of reviewing stuff and publicize things which are really worth being publicized free. This normally helps people to get third person opinion about anything which I like to contribute to.

I visited Raj Imports today again to get few Yoga mats. We had seen Yoga mats there last time, so it clicked in my mind when we were talking about it this morning in our group.

Normally, you would get Yoga mats for 400 bucks to 500 bucks in mega malls like housefull and @homes. At times it's not a bad bargain, because you visit these malls regularly, and you can buy it with your regular shopping as well.

We got the same quality of Yoga mats for only 300 bucks (Rather 295) from Raj Imports. And we bought 3-4 of them for friends, so we almost saved 400 bucks today. Hurray! We got one yoga mat almost free if we would have bought it somewhere else.

Last time when we shopped at Raj, we almost ended up buying lot of crockery for my bar counter - right from Champagne glasses, Taquila shot glasses (RCR Crystal Glasses - cute ones) and flute and other variety. So if you want to really buy a very good crockery for your Bar counter, just check out Raj Imports once. [Here are their contact details - Well to give you a quick idea, it's very near to Apollo theater in Rasta Peth, and you can ask anyone there about "Indraprastha Complex" which is also famous for saree shops like Ganpathi Sarees and Gandhi Sarees]. Did I mention, that they have started keeping imported cosmetics and food items as well. I remember we shopped for so many perfumes and deos the other day, I liked Chrome and Ferrari too much and yes, they keep genuine things. [When it comes down to perfules, this is the first thing come into our mind, isn't it?]

Anyways, you will get very good bargains over there. But the important thing is not only saving money from this wholesale crockery cum imported stuff shop, but there are few more important & better things there.
  • Variety: They are good in it. They have good variety of crockery and other things
  • Service: Their service is pretty good, and you get lot of help from people working there.
  • There is no bargaining needed, as the prices are wholesale prices. So it gives us real shopping pleasure to concentrate on choosing things than deciding the real price.
  • They do call you up, (If you have given your phone number to them anytime) if there is SALE going on. [Well, this is really helpful, because they don't advertise in news papers or somewhere so it's difficult to know]
But yes there are some drawbacks as well -
  • You go there to buy a mat worth 300 bucks and you like so many other things that you end up buying 2000+ worth goods.. :-D.. So beware. Hehe, now we could have controlled here but then we could not in fact.
  • It's pretty much inside the city (Rasta Peth, near Appolo theater). Newcomers in Pune are always scared of "Peths" of Pune city. Because they get lost in the traffic and roads. So Raj imports might think of opening outlets in Pune.
  • Not many potential customers are aware of Raj Imports. May be because they don't spend a lot on news paper advertising like other malls, but the good thing here is, whatever publicity they have is by mouth-to-mouth publicity which is better publicity [You know it right!]. But still they can consider option of reaching more n more people in Pune.
Alright, see you next time with review of some more places around the world. Ciao.

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  • At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Pallavi said…


    This is Pallavi....I completely agree with all your comments.Full shopping pleasure and satisfaction.Especially for ladies.I came to know of this shop from my sister, who is in Germany and every time she is in Pune,she visits there.Salespersons are really helpful and they have a lot if variety.
    Even I happened to buy a Yoga mat yesterday.
    The drawback you have posted is true as I went just to buy some dinner set and happened to spend 16000 on other stuff....
    Just excellent place..

    So what are you ladies waiting for...
    Rush ....:-)


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