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Friday, May 25, 2007

Bid4Prizes Review - Win Prizes with Lowest Unique Bid

If you like auctions and winning the prizes & free gifts, you would surely like this new website bid4prizes. They have a cool concept of Unique lowest bidding, where you can bid on prizes and win them being the lowest unique bidder.

Did not get what I mean? Let me explain. Right now, they have BMW 3 series as sweepstake, which values at may be $36000. You want it dirt cheap? Go ahead, register with bid4prizes and text your bid amount - anything you feel will be unique. May be something like $16.43 or $13975.28. [At this moment, the bid range for BMW 3 is 446 cents - 466 cents, so it means you have to place unique bid between 446 and 466 cents]. It's so easy to play again, you have to just send an SMS with specific text for each product to a number. Only thing they would need is to have your mobile number registered with them at max.

There can be only one winner for every prize. And he or she would be the one with Lowest unique bid. If you have 100s of people bidding at $16.13 which you bid at, forget about BMW 3. But if you are the only one, it's yours dude! You need to only take care of shipping and taxes and not even the bid amount. I am not sure whether you can get the cash prize.

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