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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's my birthday today :D

Whoaaa.. So I turned XX today. Now, what's this number "XX" - keep guessing. Alright, so it was a blast all day - had distributed lottttts of sweets in office (almost 7-8 kgs). I could not even carry all of it to office, so had to request my colleague friend to help me bring some.

I was kidnapped the moment I entered into office. Ofcourse, no one can do that except one and only Pandey. I was happy to see how cool teams I am working with.

And believe me, all day some one or the other was visiting my desk and having sweets from the boxes.. Could not get a chance to work all day (or was that excuse). No it was not, you know me well right.

The evening was nice as expected. My wife along with our friends arranged a party at Bamboo house and it was really a nice dinner. Oooh, what was the gift for me you know?? A nice bar accessories set. Tooooo good, I was searching for one recently since our mini bar at home is ready.


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