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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let me choose Ceiling fans to talk about

When I don't have something to write, I look for something to write about, something to review about. Couple of days back, I had some friends at home. Normally, friends come home, watch TV, chat with us, have couple of beers... they are not supposed to look at the ceiling fans ... alright :D. Moreover when it was not cleaned up. But they did, and we started talking about different types of ceiling fans, designs and all. (Believe me, me and my friends talk about any sh*t)

The search creature in my mind did not allow me to sit idle next day, and I started looking for cool ceiling fans online. Out of few of the top search results, the distinctive ceiling fan designs and lighting options of Craftmade ceiling fans got my attention. But aren't they a bit costly... Well, they may not - when you look at the appreciating value of INR vs. USD.

But out of all those available fans, these fanimation fans got my most attention.. Just look at the beautiful and some real *different * designs. Specially look at the Palmetto design, too good. Though it does not suit to my simple interior at home, we can think of getting one when we have some jazzy furniture.

Hey, one sec look at these couple of more designs, I think this suits, we can buy one of them now :D.

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