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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our Second Wedding Anniversary

Two years ago, I did a sweet mistake and married to my girlfriend. You know what, we simply can't believe that our marriage is two years old now... we still feel like we are just married. Damn neat! Somewhere it gives us a feel, that we are enjoying the life together...

After marriage, two years passed by very quickly for us... First few months in the flat at kothrud (So much of travelling to office everyday and that also in monsoon...).. moving to new flat in Kalyani Nagar in September (when even the building was not ready properly for possessions and we spent two months without lift - by the way our flat is on 5th floor .. hehe)... We both enjoying the 5 minutes ride to office... She leaving the company and joining some other relatively far from my company... change in roles AKA promotions in office... Our get together in society building... Parties with friends... Interior at home (Well, it's a big episode actually in our life, and we enjoyed every bit of those days - Specially while designing the mini bar at home.. lovely) and here we are today with two years completed - Our 2nd Welding Anniversary :D.

The day was special - Don't ask me was it not that special last year - 22nd May 2006. Hmm, I think I would need to write a separate post about it altogether. Right from 8.30 am to 11 pm, I was in office, estimating QA efforts for a new project... Now here we people need to learn how to draw a line between professional life and personal life. Yes it's needed... or you would also see a fight between you and your spouse at 11.30 pm on your first anniversary lasting for 2 hrs or something... Goddamn! I could not forgive myself for that day. I was helpless too, I could not come and take her for a romantic dinner, she also knew my professional responsibilities but she could not help. You know it's a different feeling... you wanted to go for a dinner, and you cannot because your husband cannot come back home... you respect his responsibilities but same time, you feel losing some precious moments.. Now you got it!

Anyways, let bygones be bygones! So what was my plan today. Surprises, Surprises and Surprises!! First good thing I did is, I did not go to office. So no question of staying late. The end of root cause of any problem on your special days!

Last evening, I booked a very beautiful flower bouquet (something like 2 ft tall and full of roses, orchids, gerberas..). Of course I could not carry it on my bike so I took help of my friend, Shweta and I brought it home. (Now no need to say, she is very helpful person). So till the time it's 12 midnight, I did not want my wife to see this bouquet, so we decided to keep it at her home and take it back at 12.. I was just hoping that my wife was not expecting any flowers at 12 midnight, so I the cake. Yes, my wi-fi (technical terminology for wife :D) had brought a beautiful cake and we had the cake cutting and all at midnight... that was a lovely moment.

Unfortunately, wi-fi could not take off from office today, but she promised to come back at 3 pm. Good she was not in revenge mood :D (for what I did with her last year). Now it was me, alone at home till she comes back... what to do. As always, I opened the laptop and started working (Kudos to the laptop and VPN connection).. at least I could take care of some office mails from home.

Now here was the second surprise for my wi-fi. I decided to cook a nice lunch for her. Panga ye tha ke, I did not want to mess up with the lunch, though I cook good enough. I know I can make good rotis but was not sure about taste of sabji. I took help of Shweta's mom for sabji and we cooked a nice lunch. Before wi-fi comes home, the dining table was ready with plates, cooked lunch and rashogulllas.

I have seen my wife's smiling face after lunch (Actally she had a big grin), she was sooooooo happy so was I. In life, when you don't expect few things and you get it, there is always a diff kinda happiness. That was what I saw on wi-fi's face. Yes, but before she says anything, I announced that this was the first time, I am waiting at home and cooking for you... Please don't expect it everyday... Hahaha!

The sumptuous lunch was a bit heavy I think and we did not know when it was 6 pm in watch and we were taking afternoon nap (or sleep).

I had one more surprise for her. Yes, one more... well one sec, it was not the gift. Somehow, we are not into giving each other surprise gifts... when it's gonna be something worth 18K-20K worth, we discuss what we like. Yeah, she wanted to have a better mobile now - Nokia N73 Music Edition. This upgrade was major upgrade... specially when it was from Nokia 3310 to Nokia N73 (A big LOL!!!). Now you know, why I call my wife "understanding spouse". She did not have probs with this cell, but now a days it started acting weird. It (My 3310) must be saying "Kitne Kanjoos log ho, ab to mujhe band karo.. Mobile world kahake kaha gayee hain!".

But you know what, I won't throw off this nokia 3310... something comes in between, my sentiments with this mobile! It was the first mobile I bought with my first earnings. Something special, isn't it!

Alright, so we went to buy this funky Nokia N73 but alas! Nokia priority was closed by the time we reach (and I will buy this tomorrow for her now...)... now what next this evening - special, romantic, anniversary evening! She was just guessing whether I had some plans in mind already but I showed that I don't have any and lets roam around on bike like college students. Went to camp, to some peth, to some unrecognizable streets and then finally RTO road and back towards Ruby hospital now.

I stopped the bike at Le Meridian on the way and before my wife asks whether I just stopped like that or I had some plan, I told in her ears - We have reservation on roof top! They have a very nice roof top restaurant at Le Meridian, Chingari. Lemme tell you, the food is not so great, but tell me, who goes for food in five star hotels.. the ambience rocks... Ooooh Lalala!

That was a nice surprise for her... having candle lit dinner together at swimming pool side on roof top. A candle stand nicely decorated with red roses was waiting for us to come and a bouqet of red roses for a sweet couple!



  • At 10:30 PM, Blogger Vandana Bhatia said…

    Hey ...wish you a very happy wedding anniversary. I can read you had a good time ..wish you both a lot of love and happiness together in the years to come.

  • At 11:10 PM, Blogger Anish Betawadkar said…

    Abhya, buddy, you are romantic chap :):) I am sure both of you enjoyed to the top of the roof.

    Wish both of you a very happy anniversary.

    Don't make it a habit to celebrate anniversaries alternate times :D


  • At 11:11 PM, Blogger Anish Betawadkar said…

    abe Abhya, ek tar public post aahe, tyat comments kuthalya moderate kartos? kaam chukar aahes be..

  • At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dude u never ever write such mushy things online ... peer pressure buddy - think about the other suffering buggers (read husbands). Biwi, never believe this guy - remember the n73 came after a long sting with 3310.

  • At 12:00 AM, Blogger Nagesh said…

    very romantic planning. Hapy anniversary to both of u.

  • At 1:37 AM, Blogger Abhijeet said…

    @ Vandana, Nagesh - Thanks buddies.

    @ Anish - Arre forget alternate times, you did not read this "I announced that this was the first time, I am waiting at home and cooking for you... Please don't expect it everyday... Hahaha!"

    @ Nitin Paji - I can understand you buddy, but I am helpless. Aparna had called me up to write all this and send the links across (Specially to you):-D

  • At 4:12 AM, Blogger bidisha said…

    Very nicely remembered the past and present. keep it the same way for 100 more years....

  • At 7:35 AM, Blogger Dinesh Karmankar said…

    Hey Abhi,

    Congratulations on completing 2 years ;-)..(btw I was thinking its your first marriage anniversary)!!!

    Wishing both of you very Happy Wedding Anniversary.

  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger Girish said…

    Hey.. Nice way to celebrate Abhya... Wish u guys keep enjoying with this enthusiasm forever..

  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger Sunil said…

    Actually, u r a serious person but pretend it in a commedy version.

    Wish u a very happy & long married life! Happy wedding anniversary!!

    Manisha - Sunil

  • At 9:02 AM, Blogger Abhijeet said…

    @Sunil - I hope you don't find me that serious guy... I would always like to laugh and make laugh


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