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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wonder FunKey - A Real Key to Fun

I know it's pretty far from my home at east end of Pune, but being our closest friend's (Dinesh's) birthday party & Paji gonna be there as well, we visited this nice place, Wonder Funkey - Masti ki Chabi. (Hindi: Chabi = English: Key).

What I most liked this place is, it's no alcohol and no smoking zone. In a way, it's very good cause you can take your families, kids, parents together at this place without any nuisance by drunk people.

We had nice Puchka (Pani Puri) and Dahi Puri to start with before we head to Disc downstairs. They have bowling and disk at the basement level. It's good place, and the songs were neat to grove you and make your legs shake. But the disk place was a bit congested. May be I was expecting a lavish big hall, but it's ok for 10-20 people at a time and not more than that. The light effects were cool, the songs were as always same as what other discs play.

Not but the least, the food at Jungle restaurant was delicious. I wanted to taste the falafel which I always used to have in NYC in 2004. But may be next time, I would check that out. This time I was happy with mexican food... that was delicious. Make sure that you order "Raita" because I could not hold my spoon off it.

I am thinking to visit this place again with my friends again.

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