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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Our House warming

Look at my last post.. it's like posted ages back. Am I too busy to blog? I really don't understand how I could not find a minute to post lines or two to let you know whats going on in here...

I was probably pretty busy in the new projects I am handling. Might be just busy with some other stuff.. I dunno... anyways.

Hey you guys, we are having a housewarming dinner party on 2nd May, and you are invited. It's more or less like a marriage ceremony I think. Because we could not invite all of our relatives and friends for our wedding ceremony in 2005. This small picture is entrance of our society, [I love this place].

Okay, so it's not like I booked a new home or something. We entered our new home in 2005 with small Kalash Puja and could not find proper time for house warming as we wanted to have it a bit bigger & many of them invited.

We both have been busy in preparation since last 15 days.. Lot of things to take care and specially when you are the only ones to manage all this. By the way, there is lot of fun going on.. I would keep you posted.

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