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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Photo of each meal

Have you ever been abroad or away from your family... or at worst very calary concious? Look at this blog . This guy is taking pics of all what he eats EVERYDAY.... and posting them on his blog. My reaction was kinda mixed. Funny or may be not! Home Made Indian Food

Well, I had tried such stuff when I was in New York City and my family was worried what the heck I must be eating (Except the favourite food of Indians abroad i.e. McDonald Burgers). Fortunately, I was not fond of those burgers like this McD Generation.. and I preferred going to various retaurants in NYC ... OR best way cooking at home. The point to mention is, once I had taken photos of what I cooked at home and sent across the Digi pics my home. Well, well, well... Do not think that, I dont know cooking.. If you don't believe me, look at the pic!


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