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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Beautiful Sunday

It was 10 am in the morning, a relaxing Sunday. When I don't have to go out somewhere or nothing important to do, I love to call it as beautiful Sunday.

Mind is empty, no diary pages to see with today's tasks to finish. Just do whatever you wish. Right at 10 Am, the power went off, and I started with the plan of a HOT cup of coffee with my wife (somehow my wife already had read my previous post and she was already on the way to get some HOT coffee for us). I helped her to have that small breakfast table on our bed and we had some nice moments together.

What could be the next... you won't believe. We pulled out our table tennis rackets and headed towards our clubhouse. This is the clubhouse, the table tennis table is at the left side of swimming pool.

We were playing TT after so long, that we lost the interest in TT pretty soon (within 10 minutes). The reason was we both were not using the table to play. It was more like a badminton game. LOL!!

We are planning to join the Gym since long (Well, we are expert in making plans) and on this auspicious day ;), the plan came into existence. We worked out in Gym for say 30-40 minutes. Enough!!

Now came back home, power is ON and I m back online. Now, I am hoping to have a beautiful Sunday evening in few hours.


  • At 3:22 AM, Blogger Kusum Rohra said…

    Man i envy u!!!! U have such a loving life partner... hot coffee,breakfast in bed, going for workouts together ... wallah ... what a life. ENJOI!!!!


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