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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vacation in Hawaii - Would be awesome

Would not it be nice to have a week or two off from office and go to a beautiful beach with spouse (Your own spouse I mean). I merely have visited 2-3 beaches in India and US. One was famous Goa, another one in Konkan and couple of beaches in New Jercy, US. May be like everyone else feels, I also feel very open and free on beaches.

I had this couple of places in mind since long; Beaches in Maldives & Hawaiian Beaches.

Travelling to Maldives is relatively easy for us compared to hawaii travel. Visiting Hawaii beaches can be a good idea when you are onsite to US and get good long weekends like the one they have on this 28th May for three good days.

When I researched some more about hawaiian beaches, I found that there are many places around to visit like Maui (Tourism in Maui is growing rapidly as per the press release here & they practice ecotourism), Kauai, Oahu, Big Island. What you will see there? A true meaning of tranquility and ultimate relaxation.

I have found some good information for Hawaii travel, now remaining is only planning and leaves from work which is most difficult :).

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