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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Credit Cards - My Recommendation

Everyone of you might have used your credit card for online shopping. The thought of your credit card information being stolen must have brushed you, and nothing different in it. All of them think about it now or then while using the credit card online.

Sometimes due to unawareness of few online dangers, we don't follow basic rules while using the credit cards and get trapped in the online scams. Looking at the convenience of using the credit card for online shopping and getting the things done as quickly as rocket; it's a great benefit and it is adopted by our society as well.

Yes, but we have to make sure that we are alert enough to avoid any misuse of our credit cards. I had experience of my credit card information stolen and misused for three months without my notice (wrong thing on my part was I was lazy to check my credit card bills properly). The reason behind my credit card misuse was: I trapped myself in the offer of free rebate after one of the online shopping session. So you always have to make sure that your credit card is being used on secure websites.

You can shop online using your credit card safely by following few of these tips.
1. Download the most recent version of your Internet browser. This will give you the latest encryption capabilities added in the browser latest version to protect your information that is transmitted over the web.

2. Find out if the website is secure: the padlock icon on the status bar at the bottom of your browser window will tell you about it.

3. Try to shop from secure websites only, make sure that the websites URL is added with an "s" to http (https) that shows that the site is on a secure server.

4. Please make sure to review credit card and bank statements each month for any fraudulent charges unlike me (I had missed it in past as I mentioned above). If you notice anything weird, please contact the bank or credit company immediately.

5. Clean your computer with spyware detection and virus protection regularly. A firewall will protect your computer from spyware.

If you can follow all of these tips, you would be on safer side of using credit card online; Finally credit cards give you lot of benefits like credit card cash backs and Balance transfers across credit cards.

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  • At 2:22 AM, Anonymous CreditCoach said…

    You should really be careful while online shopping. There are so many online scams!
    They have a lot of tricks to steal your many. Don’t be so naive, applying any form in the web!
    I’m always very careful during my online shopping, so should everyone.


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