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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Who is responsible for the Lathi Charge on Medical Students in Mumbai

It was very sad to watch on TV how Mumbai police was doing lathi charge on innocent medical students. The guy was getting up and requesting the policeman to stop, but no.. these policemen were like annoyed by the raasta roko and they could not stop themselves showing their inhumanity.

Why they were not supposed to keep it mild even if the law and order was broken on the streets by Medico Students??? I bet most of these students might have got swellings on hands and legs.

I ask these Policemen a simple question, won't they ask for humanity, if their relative or small kid is knocking the hospital doors and one of these future Doctors refuses to treat the patient because its 4 o'clock in the morning.

There should be an enquiry on who ordered the Lathi Charge on Medical students today.. it sounds so mild now, because we know nothing will come out of these BS enquiries.

Today I read this Mission Google Bomb on Arujun Singh AKA traitor .. and I would request everyone who blogs to write about it and make sure that you have a link to Arjun Singh's page with the "alt" text as "traitor" to help this mission.


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