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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Recharge Your Phone Every Month Freely by Following This Process

Please follow the instruction & you can recharge your SIM card absolutely free. Yes it is possible; see how technology can be used to make technicians fool. I just got a mail from a friend of mine, whose friend is B.Tech.(ETC) from IIT Powai, teaching me how to reload my hand set every month for free. Engineered by a group of rebel programmers. I am going to share this to all for you. Please follow the instructions as stated below before you start it: Applicable for ORANGE (HUTCH), AIRTEL, SPICE & BSNL, Reliance users only, sorry for idea, BPL users and this is done illegally of course. But there are many things that are illegal, who cares!! Don't worry nobody can trap you. No legal action can be taken on you for this. So go ahead without worrying. You can only do this every 24th & 25th of the monthas the network system is under upgrade.

1.) Dial "1415007" using your h/phone and wait for 5 second
2.) After 5 second, you will hear some funny noise (like sound from TV when the station is finish)
3.) Once the noise stops, immediately dial 9151 follow by your phone number
4.) A recorded message "please insert your pin number" will follow
5.) Punch in the pin number "011785 45227 00734" and wait for the operator finish repeating the above pin number.
6.) After the pin number has been repeat, dial 0405-for AIRTEL,404-for ORANGE (HUTCH) .403-for BSNL .
7.) you will hear a message "for air time top-up press 1723"you just have to follow the instruction
8.) After you follow the instruction, the noisy sound will re-appear for about 5 second
9.) once the noise stop, dial "4455147" followed by "146"
10.) after about 5 second, dial "1918" after 3 second dial "4451"
11.) after you done that, punch in the serial number "01174452271145527" you will hear dial tone.
12.) once t! he dialing tone stop, dial "55524785933" you will hear "please key in your password"
13.) the password is " ****2+253+7891*+546322" wait for the message "your password accepted"
14.) you will hear " please insert your emey number " now you have to be fast to dial your own phone number
15.) you will hear a dialing tone, when the call is answered, dial "1566" and you will hear "re-confirm emey number"
16.) once you hear that m! essage, dial "6011556 2245334 followed by your phone number"
17.) after a while, you will hear a message "your pin number is accepted" you have to dial "1007"
18.) after you done that you will hear "your emey number is accepted"
19.) continue dial "4566" you will hear "your password is accepted"
20.) once the second message finish, immediately dial your ownphone number
21.) Now you will receive a message saying "NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD, . SO, GET BACK TO WORK AND DON'T WASTE TIME !!"


  • At 3:40 AM, Blogger nabeel said…

    hey cool man, I thought " why buy cow when the milk is free"


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