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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Table Tennis Re-Addiction

After so many days, almost a year, I am taking table tennis bats in hands. After being noticed by myself in the mirror that I am gaining weight on my belly (Yeah few grams, you cannot expect more than that… lol), one good day in the office, I decided to use the TT table in the office. How lucky I am, no need to even take the elevator to reach the TT table’s floor. The table is on my floor itself. I played for a year or something and then somehow did not even look at it for a year. But I agree, this game is addictive and pulls you often towards the table.

I did not believe, but on first day, I could play it like playing since a month. Well, I got some cool colleagues who play good TT, so now no need to worry about those opponents who play TT like playing badminton. I had to request one of them to play it on the table itself, most of the shots were on net or under tables (like under arm bowling  ... huhu!)

Now days, the work load is not that high so I am taking time out to play 5-6 games in a day. But aha! My legs… pain like anything when I come home, and I got habit to sleep in the chair itself while browsing the net at home that I forgot disconnecting from home. Guess what, my net provider did not give me much trouble, they get me enough poor connectivity now a days, that I do not have to think about net connected all night. I am sure; they always disconnect it every 2-3 hours. Ha! I was talking about my TT matches, and reached to the so called blistering speed providing broadband poor connectivity.

I am so glad; I lost only 1 game out of 15-20 games in last 2-3 days. Cheer up dude! You can do it!!


  • At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Nidhi said…

    Hi Abhijeet

    Yes TT is addictive. In one of my previous office, we had TT table. I used to play a lot during the break. Though, I dont play well but I love to play. Its so very addictive.

    I am trying hard to put on some weight. That is also not so easy job. I like bit plumpy people.


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