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Friday, June 09, 2006

Fanaa.. Ya Funny!!!

I wish I could have continued watching the opening match Germany vs. Costarica (when they were 2:1) on the big screen in my office. No, how would I like to enjoy the most exciting game in the world, I surely wanted to ruin my evening in front of the 70 mm big screen in Ad Labs watching the best bollywood movie of 2006, Fanaa!

I should not blame anyone, but my close friend's wife and my wife (Note: Both women) had a big plan to hang me to boredom in the movie theater. I just happened to come out of office, and stand in the big queue of ticket counter to check if tickets are available for current show of Fanaa on their request (when I was praying in my mind that God, pls pls, make sure that I am at the window and the guy across should say "sorry, its house full"). Huh! Why it would happen when everything was planned!!

I found myself lucky as we were 15 minutes late for the movie (but whatever "fanaaik atyaachar" was done thereafter was impossible to take!!)

Overdose? have you ever felt this word literally... Well I did.
Of what? Shayaris... I thought at some moment that the story writers were 4 bewadas sitting at nights with their Kagaj and Kalam (Pen and Paper). Come on man, enough is enough - You cannot take it for more than 2-3 shayaris in one go... and imagine when you have to deal with it for all the movie before interval. Thank god, Aamir urf Rehan was not talking in Shayaris to his Naanu on phone from Bangkok Airport.. or that would have been the funniest script writing.

I can foresee one thing for sure. That all the Lukka Sukka Tour Guides in Delhi would now make sure that they whistle, wink at the girls in their tour buses in search of the "Kajol" of their life :). They just needed the BOOST!

I don't have any words to talk about Kajol's parents :) ... Better you read "Desperate Family of a Blind Female" in Kusum's blog. I meant word-to-word exactly.

We were lucky enough that Kajol ki Ammi was no more after interval .. or we could have seen some more Abba & Ammi ke emotional and "Pyar, Mohabbat" wale dialogues. I truly wish every struggling bf-gf pair in the world such beautiful parents :D.

Well, there were so many questions in my mind all the time while watching the movie; Every question was started with "Why the hell..." - Probably I did not keep my brains in my drawers in the office and went to watch the movie. I could not stop laughing at word exchange between RAW Agent (Ms. Tabu) and the head of the so called Anti Terrorist Group (Wohi Mota Bhaissa yaar). Cummon man, atleast try to portrait them serious enough to be called the people at such respectable posts.

The only beautiful thing in the movie was the cute kid and his sweet talks & yes, some beautiful Snow Screensavers.

I am f@$#ing tired now at 3 am after watching the last show, and want to get some rest now. Meanwhile, you can read this "Pure Fictional Interview of Mr. Kunal Kohli" taken by Rajuji Bathija (the distant distant cousine of Screen Play writer, Shibani Bathija :).


  • At 8:53 PM, Blogger Vandana Bhatia said…

    It was a bad script ..and honestly thats what most of the producers do to the movies today. I know someone who was once too keen to direct a movie and is a script writer. By the time the cast was all set, the story was twisted beyond recognition that he lost interest completly. Producer wanted an "item number", star's secy wanted his sons role carved else he wont furnish star dates on time and such twists actually make up for all the flaws. I guess inspite of all such wrong doings if yet a movie can be watched for its direction and acting..its worth it. There arent too many good watchable hindi movies anyways :)
    I liked the second half much better where this all crap was cut out ..specifically the matrix comeback of Aamir. And reading from Raju Bhatija's post (if thats not a work of fiction) may be Uday Chopra is a better director to Kunal Kohli ;)

  • At 12:04 AM, Blogger Raju Bathija said…

    Abhijeet: Thanks for putting link to my post. It is very kind of you. Please note Shibani Bathija is NOT my distant distant cousin, but yes she is my imaginary cousin (so she is no relation of mine).

    Vandana: My post is pure work of fiction. I wrote it to amuse myself.

  • At 2:12 AM, Anonymous Abhijeet said…

    @Rajuji: I mentioned it in a lighter way. I know she is not your distant distant cousine ;)

  • At 1:49 PM, Anonymous dominus_illuminato_mea said…

    it seems you have taken great pain in mentioning that both your and your friend's wife are women. I wouldn't blame you for that. We are going through really bad time, anything is possible theese days.


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