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Friday, January 25, 2008

Orlando Tour Would Never Be So Much of Fun

Our recent tour to Orlando turned out to be fun. It was the thanksgiving weekend, when we had 3 days in hand over the weekend and we decided to opt for sightseeing tours in Florida. Basically, the reason to chose Orlando was Universal Studios, Sea World and Kennedy Space Center visitor complex. One day each was allocated to each sightseeing tour.

As we never had been to Orlando before, we looked for some sort of guide that gives us useful information on Orlando attractions and specially hotels to stay. Companies like Trusted Tours & Attractions can help you out in such situations. And signing up for their newsletter shall keep you updated all time for any future tours and travel.
And that' not the end, but you also have a chance to win handheld GPS system from Trusted tours when you subscribe to their newsletter

Orlando tour was fun, specially Universal Studios. In one of those rides in there, we were riding on Dr. Doom's Day, holding our breaths as that ride was supposed to shoot us in the sky and bring back suddenly with great speed. And the moment, we were thrown up, we both were screaming like anything. But I later realized that I was screaming for fun in that ride and my wife was screaming because her prescription glasses fell down... LOL!


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