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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Shame on Mumbai

After last year's incident of woman molestation at Gateway of India, Mumbai crowd made sure that they show how dirty they can be on this year's eve as well. Two women were molested outside JW Marriot hotel at 1.45 am on New year's eve. Both of them were NRIs from California and probably wanted to visit their own beautiful country and visit the city of dreams, mumbai for the new year.

This is so disturbing to read this news at Hindustan times, thankfully this case is reported when HT reported filed a complaint with unwilling mumbai cops. We also urge you that if you see these molesters - please take a knife, and cut his hands and manhood - but leave him alive, so he will repent all his life and remember how he shall be treated when he does such crime.

We urge you!


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