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Monday, December 03, 2007

Source of Information on Personal Loans and Secured Loans

Many of my acquaintances had questions about personal loans and I decided to do some research on the internet because I thought it's too interesting a subject to spend time on today evening. There are quite a few sites on loans and there are many that actually help you to compare different loans, educate you on positives and negatives of various type of loans through lots of good articles. One of these websites,, pretty much has nice design and you can get lot of information on personal loans, secured loans, debt consolidation loans and other types of loans here.

I did not know before I visited them that unsecured loan rates can vary at large extent between lenders. For example, I learned that car loans are usually one of the most expensive forms of personal loans. Rates can go from 15% up to 40% depending on your credit history and other factors.

Same way, it's useful to learn about house mortgage to discuss with you as I want to know more about home loans before I go for one. I will suggest to check such websites before you take any decision for loans.

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