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Friday, January 04, 2008

Give back to your community

It was never so easy to raise funds for your cause and connect with your group. But Shoutback made it very easily possible and for a better cause again.

It's little difficult to raise funds for your cause because of the efforts involved and less return on your time investment. And yes, you have seen it before too, isn't it? I have seen small children spending their time in fund raising activities and finally, they end up spending lot of their time in doing that with little outcome. People feel that they should contribute but they somehow don't - so even if lot of sympathy is accumulated, we don't get the fund raising expected.

There should be optimized ways to actually get this done. And one of the ways is creating a community. This community or group can be benefited from shopping services, buying services, special auction features by signing up to Shoutback. It is proving to be a new and creative way to fundraise for clubs, groups, and other organizations.

As other fund raising activities, this would definitely benefit the PTA, The city could also get involved and raise money for community centers, libraries could raise money to buy books. This entire communities and large groups of people can benefit this way through Shoutback.


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