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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Smorty - Better Place to Make Money for Bloggers

Yesterday, I came across I guess I was looking for different source of revenue than pay per click advertise on blogs where you rely much more on user taste and behavior. And I have been already seeing some people using programs which pay for your blogging. Tell you a fact, this is really good for both bloggers as well as advertisers.

The good thing for bloggers about it is, we can get paid to blogging and also keep our blogs updated. Now there is no need to tell a blogger that how search engines love regularly updated blogs as well. The indexing takes place every day or rather many times a day and every page from your blog get into search engine in some or other search.

So to me, Smorty looks a good option as their sign up process is real quick and approval is quicker than sign up, I shall say. I am not exaggerating but they have been real quick in approving my blog and open the doors for blog advertising on this blog. Once they approve your blog and you login, there are some opportunities which you have to accept, write about the advertiser, post it on your blog and submit the details. Using smorty is as simple as this. They pay you periodically through paypal. Yes, you need to have paypal account. So go quick, register for smorty and get paid to blog.

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